Friends- a FMF on Keeping an Open Heart Despite Hurts

Today’s FMF word is FRIEND. ¬†I couldn’t easily turn this word in to poetry once again, but I promise poetry will be back soon! ūüėČ   Go I have to be real with you today, because maybe someone will relate to my story or find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. ¬†The word “friend” didn’t conjure up all happy images for me. ¬†You see, as a child we moved a lot. ¬†I also went through losses and bullying. My story of Friends is a story of repeatedly starting over-again and again.   In younger years it was due to the moving so much. ¬†With every move I had to start over and find all new friends again. ¬†I was blessed to have wonderful childhood friends in the ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Don’t Do It Half Way, Jump ALL in!

Today’s word prompt for 5 min. Fri. is JUMP. ¬†I wasn’t able to do a poem today, because this is what automatically came out instead. That is the mystery of writing on a random word without thinking too much. ¬†Hopefully it will inspire you in some way :). ¬†Poetry and strict timing will be back next week (this was more like a 15 min. Friday). ¬†This is why I stick to poetry for FMF lol. ¬†I write too much if I just let words spill out. Go   To get the best results with most anything we pursue in life, one can’t do things part way or even half way. ¬†We must make a decision, and with that decision, a commitment needs to follow. ¬†A commitment to not just dip ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Living in the Here and Now- Finding Peace in the Present

Newborn Kittens by weliveinspired

Happy Friday everyone!¬† Today’s Magic word of inspiration from Lisa-Jo the word HERE.¬† Who knows what will come of today’s word-that is the fun and mystery of it!¬† Today’s writing came out less poem-ish, and maybe more like prose.¬† Take a moment to relax in the here and now with me :).¬† Let’s go! Go   Living in the Here and Now We spend so much time in the past or present , instead of the Here and Now. Worrying about what tomorrow brings, Wondering if we can handle the bumps in the road. Stressing over all the things that must be done, Making mental lists. Thinking of the past, Maybe even wondering what might have been. — Paths not taken, Opportunities missed Relationships left behind or never pursued, Lost ‚Ķ Continue Reading

After a Summer’s Rain- A poem about Fairies and Believing!

Fairy Inspirations

It’s Five Minute Friday and I am back with a poem this week. ¬†Today’s poem is very whimsical, and if you haven’t guessed this about me yet, I am a person who loves a bit of “magic” and whimsy. ¬†It keeps me living inspired! ūüėČ ¬†A random fact about me is that I collect fairies-specifically fairies by Cicely Mary Barker, who happens to be a famous artist from England that did many illustrations of Flower fairies. ¬†My collection is pretty small at this point, as I started collecting them after having a magical fairy garden tea party for my 30th birthday! ¬†Sometime I will write an article sharing more about my love of fairies and my collection. ¬†Anyway, today’s word from Lisa Jo was AFTER, and I came up with ‚Ķ Continue Reading

The Path of Blessings-Poetry in Five

Every Friday I write for 5 minutes straight in poetry style (free verse or rhyme depending on what I am able to do with the word of the week) and share it at Lisa Jo’s with a wonderful community of writers, some who have become friends. ¬†I hope you will enjoy your time here each Friday (and beyond!). ¬†Today’s word is REMEMBER. ¬†Let’s see what I can do with it.   Go The Path of Blessings: As I traverse this path of life, I hope to not remember strife. I hope to leave all woes behind, And walk with joy the road that winds. And stop to help my fellow man, And do good deeds where I can. And drink in sunshine when it shows, And stop to bend where ‚Ķ Continue Reading

The God of Rest- A Five Minute Friday Poem

It’s Five Minute Friday again where I link up HERE with this great community of writers who all write for five minutes on whatever word Lisa Jo gives us. ¬†Today’s word is REST. ¬†Does that word speak to any of you these days? ¬†I know it does for me. ¬†I wonder what will come out today…here we go!   Go The God of Rest: When it all just gets to be too much and my Spirit burdened be, ‘Tis then Mine eyes can see the Truth- It’s then I’ve wandered far from Thee. It’s then that I’ve forgotten how to take it all to Thee in prayer, My sight for-shortened only sees, This fight as mine alone to bear. Then in the dark , a speck of light- Will filter ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Home- a Poetic Rhyme for Five Minute Friday

Home by

It’s time for another Five Minute Friday, where I try my best to create inspirational poetry in five minutes with whatever the word of the day is. ¬†Today’s word is: HOME¬†and for the first time ever I was able to write a rhyming poem in five minutes. ¬†I find rhymes in five hard, because the rhyming slows me down. ¬†Hopefully this poem will make beautiful sense to you, as you know how it is supposed to go with five min. Friday- you write whatever comes to mind (not over thinking it). ¬†It is interesting to see what comes out!     Go Home Though I may wander far from youth, I hope to not forget my way. For all I know of home is Truth, ‘Tis where I know my ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Choose to Be Extraordinary- A Five Min. Friday Poem

Snowman Wearing a Crown

It’s Five Min. Friday , which means today I am bringing you a fresh poem of inspiration , written in 5 minutes. ¬†Today the secret word of the day from Lisa-Jo was ORDINARY. ¬† You will find the five minute poem and image below, but first I wanted to give you a back story so that the image will make sense to you.   My birthday was Feb. 27. ¬†As some of you may know , my Winter has been pretty dull as I have been struggling with a vertigo issue and having trouble sleeping through the night as well. ¬†Combine that with other factors of stress that have been going on behind the scenes, and well…it was looking like my birthday was going to be very ordinary at best. ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday-What Mama Did

Today’s Five Minute Friday is a bit different. I found it really hard to write poetry style as usual and to keep it short.¬† Instead of one word, the prompt is “What Mama Did”.¬† What did Mama do that made her your mama?¬† I tried, but I couldn’t answer this in five minutes.¬† Although, I did not back track and wrote freely straight through, as the other rules state.¬† Sorry people , but Mama just deserves more than 5 minutes and for her I would break the rules!¬† ūüėĬ† I hope you won’t mind.¬† Next week will be back to my usual style-this one is for you Mom.   What DIDN’T Mama Do?: Mama did so many things and still does .¬† When we were little, she was the kind ‚Ķ Continue Reading

A Love Song for Spring- Five Minute Poetry

The Flowers Appear on the Earth

Today’s Five Minute Friday word challenge is on the word Beloved. ¬†I did something a little different today. ¬†Because I have a personal goal of writing poetry again, I use my 5 minutes to write a poem once a week, on these Fridays. ¬†However, today’s word instantly made a memory come to mind. ¬†What I did was get that memory out and write for 5 minutes (or maybe slightly under), and then with the memory I wrote on, a poem was inspired. ¬†I took another 5 to write the poem. ¬†So, you will actually see 2 Five Minute Fridays in one today. ¬†A memory followed by my poem. ¬†Linked at Lisa Jo’s here.   Go The word beloved immediately takes me back to when I was in the high school ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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