Don’t Do It Half Way, Jump ALL in!

Today’s word prompt for 5 min. Fri. is JUMP.  I wasn’t able to do a poem today, because this is what automatically came out instead. That is the mystery of writing on a random word without thinking too much.  Hopefully it will inspire you in some way :).  Poetry and strict timing will be back next week (this was more like a 15 min. Friday).  This is why I stick to poetry for FMF lol.  I write too much if I just let words spill out.



To get the best results with most anything we pursue in life, one can’t do things part way or even half way.  We must make a decision, and with that decision, a commitment needs to follow.  A commitment to not just dip our big toe in the water to “test” it out, but a commitment to go ALL in and give it our personal best.

Will this work out?  Can I achieve this?  

Will my efforts be worth it?  

What if I fail?

What if I get hurt?


The truth is -we can’t possibly know the answers to these questions beforehand.  There is RISK involved with anything in life.  Nothing here on this earth is a guarantee.

The truth is sometimes we WILL fail, and sometimes (many times) we WILL get hurt.


As a work at home coach who has been helping women make extra income from home the past 5 years, I have seen this “dipping in my big toe” phenomenon often.  So many people I help/train say they very badly want this extra income, yet most do not take the necessary action to go “all in” and commit to making it happen no matter what.  Many just halfheartedly try for a very brief duration , not giving it the time or effort needed to reach their goal.  They are quick to give up.
Those rare ones who jump all in and commit to their goals- they are the ones who succeed.  Even if they don’t know what they are doing, or work at a slower pace, they succeed because they aren’t just testing the waters.  They are committed and so they invest 100% of themselves.  I learned early on in business to be a “doer” and not a “dabbler”.

I have seen this in relationships too.  Being in a long term relationship myself, I can tell you that just like with my home business, it takes commitment and work.  You can’t give a quarter of yourself, half of yourself, or even THREE Quarters of yourself 🙂 to have quality relationships.  It’s either all or nothing.  It is a risk, but you can’t experience how grand things can be if you don’t go in all the way.  Can it be scary to open up your heart 100% to another? Yes!  However, it makes for more rewarding relationships when you do.  Also- if we are 100% in, that means we don’t give up when the going gets tough.  It means that grass may look greener on the other side some days, but that we are going to stay put and tend our own lawns so to speak ;).  That green grass on the other side has to be tended too.  All things can flourish with effort and no grass stays green without it.


Lastly, what about jumping in after your dreams?  Whether you want to be a blogger, own a business, become a published author, an artist, a movie star, or whatever it is that you want out of life, commit to it and give it your all.  You don’t have to know the how or the when.  Just Jump on in and go after it!


In both starting my at home business years ago and in starting this blog/website, I had ZERO experience.  Would you believe that all I knew how to do online was surf the net and check email a few years ago?  I didn’t even understand what a blog was.  I used to have to slowly henpeck the keys to type (and now my fingers fly).   With my at home business, I had no clue how I would be able to make a paycheck working mostly online (I was so NOT computer savvy), what to say to people, and for pete’s sake HOW to train others to make income too (later on).  I didn’t know the how, but I knew the what.  So I just jumped in!  When it comes to blogging, I am still clueless in some areas!  I am also currently chasing a lifelong dream of becoming a published author/poet/artist one day.  Do I know the how?  Not 100% yet.  Will it happen for me?  Who knows.  No matter what happens though-I am all in.  I have committed myself to doing the best work I am capable of, no matter what the outcome.


Admittedly, there are other areas of my life that I have “failed” at repeatedly (where fear is strongest).  I somehow need to muster up the energy and courage to jump all in to those things again as well.  If you can relate to this- one day at a time my friends!  We are not superheros.


So I leave you with these closing thoughts today:


Whether it be your work life, love & relationships, dreams, or something else- have you jumped in 100% or are you just dipping in your big toe to test the waters?  (kind of a funny visual if you picture the big toe thing :D)

If we don’t jump all in, if we don’t give 100% of ourselves to any of these things we pursue in life (as mentioned above), we won’t get to experience the best that God has for us.  


Instead of those “what if I fail” or “what if I get hurt” mindsets, think of the possibilities:


What if you achieve your goal?

What if you become what you always dreamed of becoming?

What if you wind up with the most satisfying marriage/relationship you can imagine?

What if you receive your miracle?!


Have you ever heard of the 100/0 Principal?  It gives a powerful message on how to have the best relationships.  Click HERE for the 2 min. video on giving 100%.

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