Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Products Giveaway for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Have you gone green yet?  If you haven’t yet converted your home to green cleaning products that actually WORK (or even if you have but just want to try another brand or get some free stuff ;)) now is your chance!  I am giving away an awesome Spring cleaning gift in honor of Earth Day and my 100th Blog post (it just so happens that my 100th blog post happened on Earth Day! ).  1 Winner takes all!  You can enter below.


These are the only products that myself and several family members use and have used for over 5 years now.  Not all eco-friendly cleaning products work well.  We have found that these particular products really do the job (which is why we have been using them so long)!  These products are beneficial for health and well being, but today lets focus on why these products make sense from an environmental standpoint.


Why Go Green?  What’s the big deal?

Most cleaning products you buy at the store are made with cheap, synthetic ingredients.  Aside from how terribly harmful those can be to your body, they are harmful to the environment as well.  Think about it- whatever goes down your drain ends up in the water supply.  Whatever you throw away ends up in landfills (garbage everywhere my friends ;)).  Whatever chemicals you spray in the home pollutes the air quality as well.  Not just the outdoor air quality- but the air you breathe everyday in your home.  (Side note-Many of the people I have helped over the years made the switch to these products because of allergies and asthma.)


The Spring Cleaning products I am giving away today do NOT contain any of the following chemicals:

  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Abrasives
  • Fillers
  • Phosphates
  • Phthalates
  • Also-they are pH balanced and Biodegradable


More product facts for you:

  • All product bottles are made of recyclable material
  • All cleaning products are concentrated-up to 6 times!
  • Because these products are concentrated, it saves on plastic, water and fuel for shipping
  • In fact, the concentration of these products has saved 158.8 million pounds of plastic that would have wound up in landfills, 32.8 million gallons of fuel on shipping products, and 34.1 million pounds of harmful gas emissions over the years!!


I should also mention that no child safety caps required on any of these cleaners!


Now for the giveaway!  You could win a FREE Spring cleaning pack that includes 1 each of the following:

  1. Tough & Tender all purpose cleaner,
  2. Botanical Disinfectant Spray that kills the same amount of germs as Lysol without the chemicals,
  3. Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner
  4. A yummy Green Apple scented dish soap
  5. Clear Power Window Cleaner
  6. Information on these products will be shipped to you and I will also offer customer support and product tips if you need help using them or have questions.

Earth Day Giveaway

From the kitchen, to the bathroom and all over the home, there is a product to help you with it all.  (note- I will be sending you full size spray bottles of each product that will be premixed and ready to use as opposed to sending just the concentrates without the mixing bottles).
Enter now to win and if you would please share this giveaway in honor of Earth Day I would really appreciate it!  (P.S.)  If you would like help converting your home to green products that are less expensive than grocery store brands or have an interest in getting a monthly paycheck working with a green company from home like I do, please contact me at  Anyone who makes the decision to go green can receive $100 in Green products for free among other benefits.  


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