Living in the Here and Now- Finding Peace in the Present

Newborn Kittens by weliveinspired

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s Magic word of inspiration from Lisa-Jo the word HERE.  Who knows what will come of today’s word-that is the fun and mystery of it!  Today’s writing came out less poem-ish, and maybe more like prose.  Take a moment to relax in the here and now with me :).  Let’s go! Go   Living in the Here and Now We spend so much time in the past or present , instead of the Here and Now. Worrying about what tomorrow brings, Wondering if we can handle the bumps in the road. Stressing over all the things that must be done, Making mental lists. Thinking of the past, Maybe even wondering what might have been. — Paths not taken, Opportunities missed Relationships left behind or never pursued, Lost … Continue Reading

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