When You’re Feeling Unsure- Inspiration on Conquering the Unknown

Today’s topic of inspiration ended up being about the unknown, which you will find ironic when you start reading today’s post as I had NO CLUE what to even write about today. Today you will find out that the unknown can in fact be inspiring and awesome and that it’s ok if you are feeling unsure of yourself.  So on to today’s post then..you know you wanna read more!  😉



It’s been awhile since I have written here, which is ironic since today’s Five Minute Friday word is WRITE.  Linking up at Lisa Jo Baker’s website as usual for the 5 minute exercise that frees us to not over think things, but to just get the words out on paper for 5 minutes.  I have no clue what to even write on this topic today, but here goes the timer and we shall see what happens….




On Writing and Trying New Things (Aka the “Unsure Unknown”):


In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been more busy the past couple months, I joined a writing class/course taught by best selling author Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (aka SARK) in September of 2013.  The class is still on and is supposed to wrap up in April.


Have you ever done something totally on a whim?  Listened to that urge..that calling inside your soul that says you must do something even if you don’t have the time, money , etc.?

This was one of those things.

A way was made where there seemed to be no way, and I just jumped in and did it , not knowing what on earth this class (called WINS by the way) was going to be like or if it would even do something for me.  Somehow though, I knew it would.  And so I did it.


And this is what life is about isn’t it?  Jumping in every now and then…getting in the mix…diving in to the unknown.

I never much liked the unknown, truth be told.

The unknown has oft been an anxiety producer for me.

The older I get though, and the more I step forth in to the light,

The more I am starting to see the grand adventure of it all.

Like when I started my wellness business 6 years ago out of a dire need for direction, a course for my life and a better income.

I had no clue what I was doing, and “faked it til I made it” as the saying goes.

But make it I did-way beyond what I ever expected.

And the same goes with this website and blog.

And then the writing class and many other things in between that I have been unsure of but did anyway.



The truth is the BEST moments I have had in the past several years,

The MIRACLES (including my home and pretty much everything I have)–

The soul filled friendships and heartwarming exchanges I’ve had as I crossed paths with strangers,

Are all a result of putting myself out there into the “Unsure Unknown” and listening to the calling of my soul.

Those deep desires that seemed silly, not probable, and maybe even impossible at the time.


This is the only way to do it though.

The only way to get anywhere.

Is it scary to jump in to something new not knowing what on earth you are doing yet?

You betcha.  Especially if you are prone to anxiety and are cautious to begin with.

There is no other way though.


The only way to DO that thing.  That thing you want to do….

Whatever it is–

Is by temporarily feeling silly, clueless, scared, doubtful, or whatever other word you can think of that typically holds a person back from proceeding.

It has been this way forever though.  Since the very time we entered this world-

Brand New and Crying.

And yet we did it all.


We learned to walk, talk, ride bicycles, feed ourselves, tie our shoes, and of course far, far, more beyond that to where we are Now.


When you think about it, we’ve pushed our limits and our comfort zones our whole lives (remember being the new kid at school or the awkward feeling of the start of each new school year?) with each new milestone out of necessity for our growth process.


It’s just that often as adults we sort of reach the plateau of being ok with what we know and sometimes that insatiable curiosity for newness or that yearning to “ride the bike” so to speak is replaced with the rut of complacency.



I write this out of experience..and yet as I let the words flow during this writing exercise, I see the truth of how we were born in to this world pushing limits and stepping out of comfort zones as that is the essence of LIFE.  

It wasn’t meant to be easy or we wouldn’t have fallen so many times as babies when we first tried to stand on our own two feet.  

And yet we did it…ALL of it :).


This is my reminder as I move forth in life in to the inevitable unknowns that are yet to come-

Sometimes floundering around like a fish out of water until I learn how to swim in whatever pool I have jumped into at that moment.


And so, coming back to the topic of writing, here I find myself among an eclectic group of creators, as we all work together on transformations.

We are doing inner transforming work as we write and share our souls and struggles and triumphs together.

I have laughed.  I have cried.

I have written things during our class that were hard to read and yet pressed the #1 on my phone anyway to be called on.

I have spoken my truths and revealed deep words from my soul to an audience -with a shaky voice and pounding heart and flowing tears…

Allowing Them -these strangers that are now friends, to SEE me in all of my vulnerability.

Many of them have done the same.

And we heal and we transform.

And many of us are working on using these experiences we have and these creative gifts we have been given to follow our callings and create things (books, services, websites, art, workshops, etc.) that we can use to help transform others too.

It is beautiful, and interesting, and oh so meaningful.

There is something about writing that forms deep bonds in a group.

It is the same here on these Five Minute Fridays.

The miracles keep coming..the little everyday miracles (and sometimes bigger ones too)

and I trust that God’s hand is in it all.


I cannot even begin to tell you (in this 5 minute time frame in which I have already run out of time now,) the happy, fun things that have been happening behind the scenes as I follow my life’s passions through writing & creating.

As I write, and connect , and share HERE to help inspire all of you (hopefully) as well,

I have no idea where the future will lead me and the vision that is We Live Inspired.

That is the adventure of it all :D!

If you are sitting on the fence, feeling in a rut, alone, or any other number of things-

I encourage you to try something NEW-

You just never know what serendipitous things will follow! 😉 .


There is only one way to find out…and I am here in your corner if you need a little boost to get started.  (You can click the contact me tab on my page to email me if you like)

Your life just may change in small or even BIG ways.


If you do try something new or take a baby step (or giant leap) out in to the unsure unknown-

Won’t you stop by and let me know?


I would love to hear what new things you are trying out there as together “We Live Inspired”,

xo Rebekah



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4 Responses to When You’re Feeling Unsure- Inspiration on Conquering the Unknown

  1. Amy says:

    LOVE your courage to try new things. Trying to find my own, and appreciate this encouragement.

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thanks Amy! New things can be fun :). I still have areas of my life that I need to muster up courage in. I think we all deal with strongholds of fear ( I know I sure do!). You can do it! Good luck on your journey as you muster up courage to do new things. If you need more encouragement, feel free to contact me. I do offer inspired mentoring and support in a few areas that I good with (currently doing one on ones with a couple people), I just don’t have the formal page up yet. Thanks for stopping by! Going to read yours now…

  2. Paula says:

    I love hearing this, Rebekah!!!!! What fun. SARK ~ I can only imagine how the creativity flows.
    So happy for you. I have missed you!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Hi Paula!! I have missed you too! I think about you often and am going to stop by “your place” soon to catch up. It has been fun for sure :). I take it you are familiar with SARK? It’s like a giant creative playground for adults. She has free calls sometimes that the public can get in on. You just have to get her newsletter and it will alert you. I don’t think she will be doing any programs quite like this one for awhile though. It was the last cycle of these group mentoring classes/program that she was doing (which is a big part of what made me jump in and DO it!). Hope all is well with you <3.