Announcing a New Inspiring Website Feature-the Inspiring Person of the Month!!

You’ve been hearing inspiration from me via all the ways I personally live inspired through my own life’s journey from turning struggles into everyday joy, gratitude, FUN, and the pursuit of my own dreams and passions.  I have been thinking about the WE of this site (We Live Inspired!) for quite some time now.  While we definitely have a little growing community here and on Facebook, I wanted to give you guys a little MORE inspiration 😀 .  I thought maybe you may want to hear the inspiring stories and interviews of other people out there who are enJOYing life by following their calling, or who are finding ways to make a difference in the world too.  Therefore, I am introducing the newest feature/tab on the blog called “The Inspiring Person of the Month”.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Inspiring as :


causing people to want to do or create something or to lead better lives.



This is exactly the kind of thing you will be seeing with this feature!


This has actually been in the works since Fall of 2013, but I have been SO busy lately that I am a bit off schedule of getting it up and running.  However, I think you will like it and will be SO inspired by the amazing First Inspiring person of the month!!  Before I give you some hints (ok teasers….) on this person, a little more about the feature and what you will be seeing here:


  • Once every month a new amazing person will be featured here at We Live Inspired.  If you are on my mailing list and receive these blog posts via email, no won’t miss out on any of them!  (side note, if you are not on the mailing list and want to be, it is totally free and you can enter your email info in the subscribe box on the right side bar or bottom of web page to receive updates on new posts)
  • You will get to hear from an eclectic bunch of people (truly something to inspire everyone) from all walks of life who are making a difference in the world in some way.  It may be someone like your next door neighbor who serves others in a unique way doing random acts of kindness, a housewife or stay at home mom who turned her hobby in to a profitable business, someone who has overcome great obstacles or handicaps, a book author, or maybe some other famous person!  You just never know.
  • All articles will be written by me, at least for now.  I may have guest posts in the future though, you never know!  I will be interviewing each guest via phone (when possible) and then sharing the interviews here either in story form or Q&A form.  I also will be uploading some of the interviews to my YouTube channel so you can hear the excitement and inspiration first hand :D.   Each guest will provide some insight as to how they live inspired and any advice they have on how you can do the same.



It’s a way to not only inspire you all (so that you can learn from more people than just myself), but also to give recognition to those out there who capture the spirit of what this website is all about.  One of my favorite quotes, which you will see in my artwork at the very bottom of, is :




(Full quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world”).  


And each Inspiring Person of the Month that will be featured here, I feel is doing just that!  Whether it’s the inspiring girl next door, or an inspiring famous person you may know of already,  everyone has something beautiful to offer the world!  That includes YOU.  That is what I hope the overall, encouraging message will be.  You may just get the urge to do something new after hearing from some of these inspired guests! 😀


Ok, so I’ve made you wait long enough.  I can’t reveal WHO just yet, but our First Inspiring Person of the month is a man who has been on the Johnny Carson show several times for his AMAZING talent!  This man blew me away with his passion for life, his Joy, his talent, and his humble nature.  He is one of the most fascinating people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with.  I can’t reveal more just yet, but I will tell you he told me a story in the interview about meeting Jimmy Stewart (for those of you who don’t know who Jimmy is, he’s the main character in the movie “It’s a Wonderful life”) during his time on Johnny Carson.  You won’t be able to guess what his talent and life’s calling is, because it is pretty unusual.  It will make you change the way you look at an ordinary object in your everyday life.  No more hints though 😉 .


Be on the lookout for this interview in the near future!  ~xo Rebekah

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One Response to Announcing a New Inspiring Website Feature-the Inspiring Person of the Month!!

  1. This sounds exciting Bekah! I cannot wait to find out who it is!