You Make a Difference! – Poetry by Rebekah

It’s poetry time again! It’s been so long since I’ve written and shared the poem of the week here (which I typically did on Friday). I had taken time away from it to work on my poetry book, but am thinking of returning to the Five Minute Friday community. I was inspired to to work on my poetry again by a sweet woman who recently read a poem of mine and left me the most wonderful comment that she had sent it to her 93 year old mother, some other people as well, and reads it herself every morning. I don’t think there is any better feeling in the world for a writer, than to know your words have touched someone in some way. This poem I wrote is a … Continue Reading

Loving YOU: Are You as Good to Yourself as You are to Others?

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I want to talk about self love today because Valentine’s Day is not just for couples in my book.  We often do so much for others and we treat others with love and kindness, but how are you at loving YOU?  I’m hoping that you take time out to love on yourself and treat yourself as good as you treat those around you.  This is really important as this self love thing trickles down to every aspect of our lives-including our relationships with others.  It affects our self worth, our own personal happiness and our ability to live inspired!  It is also part of a healthy self care practice.  Today I want to tell you how wonderful YOU are and encourage you to love on yourself this … Continue Reading

Be Your Own Valentine-A Practice in Self Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and a big HUG from me :).  Today I wanted to do something other than the typical Valentine stuff out there that is meant for couples.  I know not everyone has a significant other they will be sharing the big day of love with for whatever reason, and I want EVERYONE to know that no matter if you are single or in a relationship, this day is still for YOU.  Aside from the fact that first and foremost, I believe there is a God who loves us , I want to talk to you today about self love, because I believe that is so important.  You can and should be your own Valentine!     Although I do happen to have someone to … Continue Reading

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