Tip of the Week- Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Everyone and Every Budget!

I love holidays and I love making my loved ones feel special!  This week I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all budgets and all people on your list (even treats for those who can’t have sugar).  Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women, men and kids!  Are you ready to spread a little love around with me?  I won’t separate these gift ideas in categories, because usually the gifts I give for Valentine’s could work for several people on my list.  I will put some suggestions with each item for who the recipients could be and I will make it easy for you by providing costs and links to everything.  This post also includes some of my savvy shopper money saving tips- so don’t miss those!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas



1. Cheryl’s gourmet cookies: (good gift for anyone of any age, gender- gifts starting at $5 shipped)


I love making baked goods for people, but what about friends and family that live far away?  Shipping can get pretty expensive AND by the time my baked goods arrive they may not be so fresh.  Instead of sending just a regular card, Cheryl’s has these cute cookie cards for only $5 shipped.  I just got a couple of these for two loved ones who live far away.  The $5 includes 1 gourmet cookie in a decorated card gift box of your choosing (they have many styles for every occasion you can think of, making this a good gift idea any time of the year), a $5 gift card your recipient can use at their website and the shipping is included in that price.  Here is one of the cookie cards I just sent:



These are snickerdoodles , but they have adorable buttercream frosted cookie cut outs too (like bumble bees, flowers and smiley faces!).  Click HERE if you want to see all of the cookie cards they have.


I also picked up my fiance’s Valentine Gift from Cheryl’s.  He is on a special sugar free diet now (sugar makes him sick) and he has been having a really hard time with it.  He loves chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, and Cheryl’s has a sugar free section (with both chocolate chip and chocolate frosted cookies just to name a few-HERE).

Fannie May Chocolates & 1-800 Flowers are part of the same website group as Cheryl’s, so if you need flowers or chocolates you can get everything in one shopping trip (1 checkout).


***Money Saving Tip #1:  Check the Cheryl’s homepage for coupon codes and special offers.  You may also want to Google “Cheryl’s Coupon Codes”.  I got Matt’s box of 2 dozen cookies for $10 off with free shipping by doing this.


***Money Saving Tip #2:    Always check their sale section out (You can see that HERE).  Their cookies can be expensive BUT I have gotten 3 dozen cookies before for as low as $17.99 by checking the sale section.  They have monthly sale items (the cookie of the month box is the one I got for $17.99-cheaper than the local bakery) and the best time to find super deals is usually after a holiday (like their after Christmas sale, but you may want to check after Valentine’s too).   Another tip here is that you can shop ahead if you see something on clearance because  A. You get to pick your delivery date and you can schedule it for weeks in advance (maybe even months) and B. Their cookies freeze for at least 6 months.  I have done it and they freeze really well.


By the way the flavor of the month right now is frosted cinnamon bun cookies for 50% off.  36 cookies for $19.99.  While supplies last, and you can see them HERE.

As far as how they taste– over the years I’ve had just about every flavor they make and they are delicious!  The various flavors of frosted buttercream sugar cookies are my favorite.



Money Saving Tip #3:  If you live nearby your loved ones and don’t need to ship something, why not bake your own treats?  You can get super creative by making gift boxes or baskets (recycle a shoe box if on a budget and wrap it in gorgeous paper) and filling them with heart shaped treats, colorful treats, a handmade card or love letter, and any other small trinkets that would make someone smile.


Money Saving Tip #4:   Ebates currently has an 8% rebate for Cheryl’s.  If you haven’t joined Ebates I HIGHLY suggest it because it is 100% free to join and you get free money when you shop.  Who doesn’t want money back everytime they shop?  I get checks in the mail, but I think they pay via Paypal too.  Click HERE to sign up for free (or click the button below).

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

2.  Valentine’s or Love Themed Books: (women, kids, the book lover in your life and men too!-gifts starting at $5)


I love giving (and receiving) special books because they can be heartfelt and have meaning if chosen well (or make someone laugh or smile!).  They also don’t break the bank.  I picked up three books from Amazon this year for gifts.  Amazon has 2 day shipping (with Prime) so you can get these gifts in time still!  Here are my links:

 Snowy Valentine:


Mary Englebreit’s The Queen of Hearts: I LOVE this one.  Just got it in the mail for my mom as she’s an echo tech and that’s one of her nicknames (plus she loves heart everything).  I got a hardcover version and it came with a paper doll.  Such fun and beautiful art from Mary of course.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein: ( a classic! Adults with like this one too)


Other Books I Love:

Guess How Much I Love You (the pop up book is great for even adults and the board book is less than $5 and great for little children) & Fancy Nancy: Clicking images will take you right to Amazon to purchase.



For adults who love flowers or Victorian times- A book on the language of Flowers and what they mean: 


Christian Love Themed Books for Kids & Adults 

Max Lucado “You are Special” & “God Thinks You’re Wonderful” :


Holley Gerth’s “You’re Already Amazing”, “You’re Loved No Matter What (Freeing your heart from the need to be perfect)” & “God’s Heart For You (Embracing your true worth as a woman): 




 3.  Poetry: (for anyone-gift cost starting at free!)


I picked up a poetry book for a gift too.  For your romantic partner or for the person who loves romance in your life, romantic poetry is great (Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning would be good choices).  Poetry can also be FUN and silly though to make a loved one smile.  I bought a Shel Silverstein book Called “Everything On It” (he also has several other funny poetry books both kids and adults will enjoy):



***Money Saving Tip #4:   Why not write your own poem?  If you aren’t much of a poet, try writing a simple 3 line Haiku (Google how to write one if you need help).  You can make your poetry gift look extra special by writing it with special ink or on special paper and then framing it.  You could also frame a sweet love letter or put a message in a bottle.


4.  Art Heart Sculptures From DaySpring: (women mostly, but they have a couple of gender neutral ones-gift cost $15)


I seriously love these.  They are unique, a good price, and come beautifully gift boxed!  There are several different hearts to choose from with various looks and sayings.  Some are more neutral (which means they could be gender friendly) and some are colorful and feminine.  What is so cool (& unique) about them (aside from the fact they are 3D and beautifully done) is that you can either hang them from the elegant corded tassel or they come with a Victorian looking skeleton key that you can insert in the back to make the heart stand on its own as an easel.  You can check them all out HERE.  Here is one I really like:


DaySpring has lots of other cool gifts too.  I got a bunch of Christmas gifts there this year and they were all gorgeous!



5.  Omaha Steaks:  (gift idea for men)


My fiance LOVES these (and I do too).  This would have been my second choice for him if I hadn’t bought the cookies.  It’s a bit of a splurge compared to the other gifts in this post, but it is a good gift idea for a man.  Remember to look for coupon codes.  You can Google “Omaha Steak Company promo codes”.  They often have FREE gifts with purchase (I’ve received a free set of steak knives or 6 free steak burgers for example).  We’ve tried so many things from this company, as Mom typically buys Matt his birthday gifts from Omaha Steaks.  Our favorites are pretty much any of the steaks, steak burgers, the Polynesian porkchops and the caramel apple tartlets (soooo good).  The best deals are found on the main page (link on title above) and the website’s sidebars.

The best deal I could find is their monthly special for $49.99 ( 4 top sirloins, 4 chicken breasts, 4 steak burgers, 4 jumbo franks and 4 twice baked potatoes-reg. $126).  HERE is the link.  When you think about it, it would cost more to order all of these things in a restaurant.

Also-we’ve found it isn’t the same as buying steak at the store because they are SO much better (which makes it worth the cost).  They grill up really nicely and are always juicy, tender, and flavorful.  We haven’t found any steaks we like better so far.


***MONEY SAVING TIP:  Omaha steaks is part of Ebates too, so if you do shop Omaha don’t forget to sign up for Ebates first, find Omaha steaks in the search , and click through the link.  I make it a habit to do this every time I shop online with any store and I always get checks in the mail (I’ve probably accumulated several hundred dollars by now). Ebates button below:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


6. Inspirational Blankets by SARK (“loving is the whole point” is perfect for Valentine’s- gift cost starting at $39.95):


I can attest to the fact that this is a great Valentine gift because I received a surprise delivery this week of the “loving is the whole point” blanket.  It is cheerful, inspiring, and just makes me feel happy, special and loved.  (If you are reading this- you know who you are and I thank you for your kindness from the bottom of my heart )  Here are some photos of the blanket (too bad no one is here to take a picture of me wrapped up in it!):


I have so many ideas that I could continue, but I will stop here.  My last tip for Romantic Vintage Victorian gifts of all price ranges is to check out the Victorian Trading Company online (you can request a free catalog too if you like).  They have the most beautiful gifts from the romantic era of yesteryear.  Click HERE if you want to check it out.  (P.S. they often have free gifts with purchase).

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sending you love as always, Rebekah

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