Liking What We Have with Childlike Enthusiasm-Gratitude Lessons From a Child

Let’s start the new week out with some motivation!  You’ve heard me mention how I have collected an “arsenal of inspiring things” over the past 14 years (which eventually led to the creation of this site).  One of those things is a YouTube video I came across a few years ago.  You may have already seen it somewhere.  It’s a video of a little girl named Jessica shouting out positive affirmations in a spunky, enthusiastic way.  Affirmations aside, this really is a video that speaks volumes about gratitude.  We should all only have this much enthusiasm for the blessings we have in our lives.


In the video she is standing on the bathroom sink looking in to the mirror while declaring all of the things she likes in her life.  Here is what she says:


” Now My Whole House is GREAT.

I can do anything good.

I like my school!

I like anything!

I like my dad!

I like my cousins!

I like my aunts!

I like my Allisons! (must be a person named Allison in her life that she appreciates 🙂 )

I like my moms!

I like my sisters!

I like my dad!

I like my hair!

I like my haircuts!

I like my pajamas!

I like my stuff!

I like my room!

I LIKE MY WHOLE HOUSE!!  (And she claps here like a motivational speaker would during a speech lol)

My whole house is great.

I can do anything good.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I can do anything good.

Better than anyone.


Now..let’s watch the video- you HAVE to watch.  (because there will be a pop quiz to follow..nah..just kidding).  Seriously though- I really encourage you to watch because it will make you smile.  It is in the way she says these things-with such conviction.  She even uses hand motions like a miniature Tony Robbins or something :).


Here is the video: Click HERE if you can’t see it .


I Can Do Anything

I think we can all learn a lesson from little Jessica here.  Next time we are complaining about what we DON’T like in our lives  (I hate my hair, I hate that extra fat, I hate how this outfit looks on me today, I wish I had a better house, or a better job for example…) maybe we can do a Jessica and look at what we do have and make up our minds that we are glad for it ! 😀


So now I need you guys to do me a favor.  I need you to come over to the website or our facebook page:

And leave comments about what YOU like in your life.  This could be a lot of fun if we all participate.  And it doesn’t have to be today only (or whenever you read this article) .  It can be on an ongoing basis.  Every time you see something you like, feel free to shout it out over here or on my Facebook fan page wall.  I will start us off –


I will mimic Jessica and say I LIKE MY WHOLE HOUSE!  And add to it:

I like my fiance!

I like my cats!

I like all of you!

I like my new t shirts!

I like my books!

I like my guitar!

I like my uke!


Now it’s your turn …. 😀

Have a gratitude filled day,


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