Walter the Christmas Curmudgeon & Other Stocking Pranks

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I am back from a week long (or so) holiday break to share some funny Christmas photos with you for Wordless Wednesday (a little story to go along with the photos will follow, in case you don’t know who the subject of today’s humor is!)


Oh No- It’s Walter (aka the Christmas Curmudgeon…or you can call him just plain curmudgeon, cause trust me it is not just a seasonal problem!!!)



Who is this cranky little man and more importantly whose stocking was he forced to spend Christmas in??!!


A little back story here.  I have this little thing going on where I like to put at least one little prank gift or smile producing funny in my guy Matt’s stocking for Christmas.  What can I say- I love a good laugh, a practical joke, and better yet making other people laugh (and Matt likes a good laugh too)!  So anyways, this year I put a talking Walter bobblehead in Matt’s stocking.  Yes, Walter actually does say cranky things (although not the same things I put in the photos above) and jiggles his grumpy ole head around.  Pretty funny actually 🙂  Matt happens to like this ventriloquist comedian by the name of Jeff Dunham, who happens to have this one cranky old man puppet named Walter that just happens to be Matt’s favorite of all the puppets.  If you have no idea who Jeff Dunham is or what I am talking about, you can look up Jeff Dunham and his acts featuring Walter on YouTube.


Matt also got a large cowbell ornament in his stocking, but that is an inside joke with us and comes from a SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken in it.  (” I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!!”)  If you are totally scratching your head on that one , you can check out the short video clip from youtube below.  You see it’s one of our favorite silly skits and we each have a cowbell shirt (his has Christopher Walken on it with the cowbell quote, and mine has Will Ferrel holding a cowbell on it saying More Cowbell! ..some day I will post photos haha).  I tend to wear my cowbell shirt if I am having a bad day and need a laugh and recently when Tasha died unexpectedly, Matt wore his cowbell shirt over here to make me smile 🙂  Yes, we are (COOL) dorks like that!


So anyways, if the photos above don’t make you smile, then for cryin out loud -at least check out the youtube video (it’s like 40 sec. long…I swear you have time!) to see an old school dorky Will Ferrell dancing like a dork all over the place with his cowbell to that Blue Oyster Cult Song.  If you don’t at least crack a tiny smile at any of this…you are way too serious and probably need to laugh more in the new year 😀 (if you can’t see the video below you can click HERE to get there).

(Hopefully) sending smiles and laughs your way,


Do you put anything humorous in your loved ones stocking?  When was the last time you did something silly or funny? I expect answers in the comments!!..jk 😉  but hey-would love it if you shared a laugh with us all by writing something funny you do!


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