The Emily Dickinson Kitty

Today is (mostly) Wordless Wednesday, where I am sharing a cute photo creation I made for you and keeping my words short and sweet.  I dug up an old photo of my first cat (a slightly fluffy haired calico) named Sandy.  I got her as a Christmas gift when I was 9.  She was such a good sport about letting me play dress up with her , and would sit very ladylike in the little vintage-y dresses I would fix her up in :D.  Here she is in her fancy lace overlay dress , getting ready for high tea and a poetry recitation! Did I mention she and I shared a love of not only tea, but Emily Dickinson?  Cat nip tea always for kitty (of course!) ..and chamomile for myself.    See below for one of Miss Kitty’s favorite Emily Dickinson poem excerpts:



I think this poem spoke to her because of her penchant for yarn balls and dresser drawers, what do you think?


Keep life whimsical-(it put’s fun in the mundane 😉 ) , 


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