Be the Change-Creating New Things in Your Life (Series on Change Pt. 5)

I meant to pick up my series on Change again in January (for the new year and all), but things happen, and such is life.  However, you don’t need a new year to dive in to anything- There is no time like the present!  So picking up where we last left off.  If you are new to “We Live Inspired!”, and want to catch up on an inspirational series I am doing on change and how to deal with it, you can click on the archives HERE to be taken directly to all of the previous posts.


Last time I shared that one of my favorite quotes that I try to live by is “Be the Change You wish to see in the world”.  I also mentioned how my brain went in two directions with this quote in mind.  Today is part 2 of that (click HERE if you missed pt.1). (make sure to read to the bottom because I have a fun graphic art & quote I made just for you :))



Since change is inevitable, and sometimes we don’t like it, I am learning that sometimes we must take the reins and literally “Be the Change” by creating new things ourselves.  Part of what makes change uncomfortable is that in many cases stuff just happens to us in life that we are not in control of, and this can upset our apple cart.  People move, people pass away, friends come and go, children come and go, jobs come and go, and well, you get the picture.


The ever evolving circle of life will keep on going whether we like it or not, and sometimes that is scary.  When I entered my 30’s (leaving the immortal teens and 20’s where you feel kind of oblivious to this thing called Time) I think I finally understood the full meaning of that John Mayer song “Stop This Train” on my cd that I had listened to many times.  The song really is about change, growing older, not liking the speed of things, and wishing you could stop “this train” from going so fast, but of course the song come to the conclusion that you can’t.




A good way to embrace change is to adapt to it by creating some changes ourselves.  Part of living inspired is realizing we can work to create the life we want at each new phase we find ourselves in.  We can take some of the changes we can’t control in our lives, and use them to inspire new things we CAN do to that will add some fun or feed our soul right where we are at.  This proactive approach makes it easier to transition in to new phases because we are BEING part of the change and taking some control over our lives.  Everyone is different in personality and facing different changes, so it’s hard to say what things will work best for you personally when the winds of change are coming your way, but I will try to give some general ideas that I have done in the past, that I think can work for most people:



  1. Taking up a New Hobby/Learn Something New-Maybe there is something you always wished you could do but never thought you were capable of or you thought you didn’t have time for.  Why not give it a try?  What have you got to lose?  For me one of these things was learning to play guitar a few years ago.  I used to admire peers I went to school with that could sing and play guitar,but it seemed so hard that I thought I would never be one of those people.  In one of my re-inventing myself phases I decided to pick it up and try.  While I am no expert guitar player, I was shocked to be able to play and sing many songs over time because I never thought that would be me doing such a thing 🙂  It was so good for the soul.  Trying new things gives us confidence, joy, and keeps our minds active in a good way!
  2. Meeting New People/Forming New Friendships/or Joining Groups– You can find support, laughter, joy and just plain fun in reaching out to others and forming new bonds.  Need a Soul Vacation?  I believe our souls need friendships to get through all of life’s phases.  Try joining a new group or doing community activities (church things, special interests such as knitting, art, book club, fitness, etc., even online communities.) You never know how you will meet people- I met my best friend online via my at home business for example.  We get together every year (too bad we don’t live closer). I am still in this number 2 phase of wanting to meet and connect with more like minded souls.
  3. Volunteer Work/Charity– A great way to get your mind off your own life changes and help change someone else’s life for the better.  There are so many directions you can go from working with children, to soup kitchens, animal shelters, nursing homes, women’s ministries,etc. etc.  As for myself, my mom and I like to knit prayer shawls and donate them to people in need.  Of course, I also work with the cat colony (my whole family does now) and help take care of homeless cats (which brings me to number 4)
  4. Adopt a Pet!  Getting a new dog or cat, or any kind of pet really, can help us cope better with changes too.  You don’t have to get them from a shelter, I just think adopting an unwanted or homeless animal is even more rewarding personally.
  5. Get a Makeover/Pamper Yourself– you don’t have to do something drastic (but please feel free if you are brave 😉 ), but a new look , even just a new hairstyle, outfit, makeup, etc. can make you feel ready to take on new stuff!
  6. Revisit Childhood Dreams or Create New Dreams- maybe there was something you used to do in your youth that you stopped doing because you “grew up”.  At any time in life, it’s not too late to revisit old dreams or create new ones.  Write down on paper what things make you happy and make some time to do those things.  One of my childhood activities/dream was to be a writer.  I pretty much stopped regular writing sometime in my early 20’s but revisited those dreams when I started this website.  Another one of those good for the soul things!
  7. Make Health Changes– with change can come more stress and exhaustion.  Trying healthy new foods, watching our diet, working in some type of exercise (dancing, yoga, T’ai Chi, weights, running/walking, Wii sports,-whatever works!), therapies (such as aromatherapy, massage therapy, or even some type of counseling if needed), and spiritual health such as prayer, time in the word, meditation, etc. is a great way to stay centered.  Don’t forget naps as needed! 😀  Speaking of which zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Oops sorry there..drifted off for a sec haha (not really but it’s time for bed, so pretty close!)  Do you have any unique ways in which you create change in your life?  Do share in the comments , or any which way you wish, as I love learning from you too!



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2 Responses to Be the Change-Creating New Things in Your Life (Series on Change Pt. 5)

  1. Nancy says:

    Love your attitude and advice! I need to change things up a bit in 2013. I’ll keep your post in mind!

    Visiting from Thankful Things Thursday. xo

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thank you Nancy. Such a joy to have you stop by today and I am now an email subscriber of your blog. You and me both (in regards to change), which is why I am doing this series. Figured there had to be some others out there looking to learn to embrace changes as they come as well 🙂