Friday Poem-When Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!

Elmer's Paste





glue stick

Ode to the Days Where Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!


Do these Pictures bring back fun childhood memories for you?  They sure do for me!  That container of Elmer’s Paste takes me right back to Elementary school craft projects in the classroom.  The glue sticks remind of back to school shopping with Mom, as it was typical for her to by us each one.  Who remembers Mucilage?  What the heck kind of name is that for a glue anyway ? :).  I used to think mucilage must have something to do with mucus when I was a child (ew), but I enjoyed applying it to things with that rubber tip it comes with.


Why on earth is she talking about glue you ask?!  Because the secret word of the day is GLUE !  I have created a silly, fun, childhood nostalgia type poem to make you smile today!  Be forewarned that the point of five minute Friday is to write non stop without thinking much and without worry of perfect grammar.  Here was my 5 minutes!



“Ode to the Days Where Being Sticky was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!”


There were crayons and colors everywhere-

Sometimes the markers stained the chair!

Sometimes my paints got in my hair.

These were the days I didn’t care.

These were the days of mess and fun,

And long afternoons spent in the sun.

Lemonade stands and climbing trees,

Doing whatever my Joyous heart pleased.

Capture the Flag , Hide N Seek, Tag,

Eating lunches out of a brown paper bag.

No clocks, No worries, My Spirit Free-

These were the days when I was ME.

Daisy chains, and Puff Painted Shoes,

Huffy Bikes and trips to zoos.

Lightning Bugs I caught in Jars,

That lit my room like little stars.

Mud pies, Mud puddles, No Aversion to Dirt,

Wearin’ my Brownie Girl Scout’s Shirt.

Making Paper Hearts and Snowflakes too-

Construction Paper, Paste and Glue!!

Sequins and Glitter and Sparkle Galore-

Always time to create.  Always time for more!

Play-Doh sculptures and Barbie Dolls,

Finger Paints and Writing on Walls.

Side Walk Chalked Hands, Popsicle stained lips,

Disney World and Peter Pan Ships!

Everything was possible, Was there ever any doubt?

What I didn’t know, I was bound to figure out!

There was a Freedom in These Sticky Mess Days-

For true Joy Belongs to those who Play.

All grown up now, I must confess-

Some days I long for the sticky mess.

No matter our age we can still have these things-

We can Sprinkle our days with imperfect things.

We can get a little messy and sticky too,

There’s no need to be afraid of a little glue ;).

So come play, relax, and ditch your clocks!

Take off your shoes and take off your socks!

Tell Mr. (or Miss) Perfection to take a hike-

Today my friends, you are travelling light!

If you need me I’ll be in the Tree House Fort-

Call my tin can phone if you need support 😀 .


The End (because all good stories ended with The End when we were small).

©Rebekah Ann Stephenson

Tin Can Phone Drawing

My Tin Can Phone


Tag-you’re it!  In the spirit of childlike fun, won’t you leave me some comments today on the things that you loved to do when you were small?  Do you make time to PLAY today as an adult?  Let’s share a bit of nostalgia as together “We Live Inspired!”


Bear hugs and sticky Popsicle kisses,





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