Bare Trees And Bare Souls – A FMF Poem

It’s Five Min. Friday.  You probably know the drill by now.  This is where I freely write for five minutes flat on whatever comes to mind with the word of the day.  Because I have a goal of writing more poetry again , I try to use my five minutes to write a poem with the word.  You never know what will come out when the timer starts though!  I do tend to write poetry with lines broken up in to small pieces, which makes it look like I am fitting a lot more words on to the page than I actually am.  This is how I write best in a time crunch!  Today’s word: BARE



Bare Trees & Bare Souls:


In Winter, I walk in stark white stillness.

Past houses and trees so unassuming.

At times it can be beautiful-

These bare trees in sunlight,

Casting their shadows behind them

Making pretty patterns in the snow.

But at night-

This bareness,

This unadorned starkness,

Can be a bit un-nerving.

Even in the day sometimes (especially when dreary),

One can get a sort of odd feeling being surrounded by bare trees

Because you can see right through them-

Things that are typically covered up.

The woods look different this time of year,

Not as much room for things to hide.

And the lush magic of woods in Spring and Summer,

Gives way to a darker magic of bareness-

Wild branches cracking in the Winter wind.

And so it is with bare souls.

They tend to intimidate us a bit.

There is a sort of discomfort for the one who bares their soul,

Even sometimes for the listener.

We tend to like to pretty things up so as to appear beautiful and vibrant,

And to be liked.

Just like with the trees-

Many of us prefer adornment to bareness.

We prefer flowers, and greenery,

and birds singing and the comfort of shade.

It’s so easy to find pleasure in bounty.

Maybe it is because with bounty we revel in the fullness of life,

And with bareness there is less distraction, less “noise”

And we are often forced to face fears or sadness-

Feelings of discomfort.

Sometimes we even avoid bareness,

By flying south in the Winter as the birds do

Or by counting the days until Spring

Declaring to each other regularly,

“It’s almost here!”

Some of us even avoid people in their time of need,

When they come to us Soul stripped bare.

Sometimes we just can’t be bothered with this bareness

Of trees and souls.

But what if we enjoyed bareness for what it is? –

Just another season.

Instead of trying to hurry things up and skip over it to something better.

After all there IS beauty in bareness-

A sort of vulnerable and rugged strength.

For bareness is what comes before growth.

It is essential before the blossom.

May we nurture bare trees and bare souls,

And embrace the cycles of life-

As we anticipate with joy and patience,

The bounty that is to come.


Poetry and Photo ©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013 (

A tree from yard near the woods where we live


What do you think about bare souls and bare trees?  Feel free to share your perspective, as I love to hear your thoughts too.  ~Rebekah

Five Minute Friday

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