A Delinquent Doughnut Day-Five Minute Friday “Dive”

Five Minute Friday’s are back!  I have had a doozy of a day and am in silly mood at this point so I am not sure how this five minute Friday will go today!  It could end up good, or it could end up really stupid and cheesy.  I typically write poetry style, but am not as poetic today, so I may deviate a little.  Anyways, same rules as always.  You write for 5 minutes only…you can’t over think or back track.  And you must visit the person who went before you.  Today’s word is DIVE, so I am going to er..dive in here and see what we come up with.




It’s a new year

Doesn’t that make you want to just dive right in ?

Dive right in to those new goals and resolutions you set when you were sitting there in remorse over eating too many holiday treats at all of those parties and gatherings!

Vowing to go on a diet and make some big changes this year…

While I didn’t go as overboard with the treats as much as some years, I was on board enough (with the high fat foods) that I had decided I must make a goal of healthy eating to lose a few pounds this year or I was going to grow another pants size (not that I am huge, but it’s best to nip it in the bud now before I gain more).

and then I got the flu.

and then I didn’t care about food or eating much

so that made it easy.

Thanks to the universe for making my goals of losing a few pounds off to an easy start (at least there is one perk)!

I am not too thrilled with the flu thing, but these incessant coughing fits where I almost hack up a lung, DID give me a mega ab workout without having to leave my bed

And so there is another goal met- more exercise (with the way my abs hurt I think it qualifies!!)

And so I am getting better and I am all proud of myself for eating super duper healthy and low cal/no sugar, and not much fat since this whole sickness appeared (plus the involuntary ab work outs).

I had vowed to continue on this path.

And I almost did.

Until I had to deal with AT&T.

4 and a half hours on the phone with them this week..

and no, that is not an exaggeration.

1.5 hours today alone.

I can’t even tell you the idiocy of what is going on there because 5 min. is not near enough time and it would all be too confusing anyways.

However , what I will tell you, is that after today’s ever so stressful run in with At&T

I decided to dive in

to a Doughnut!

Make that almost 2 doughnuts.

I blame it on the stress HAHA.

That sugary, powdery goodness looked pretty good sitting there

I distinctly heard it call my name


Come on…

You know you want to dive in!

Forget about those goals and this healthy eating path just for now…

You will feel so much better!”  (Did you know that doughnuts can talk?  I didn’t either!)

And so I did…




*** Disclaimer- this is not inspiring.  haha.  That is the challenge with five minute Fridays, you have to write what comes to mind..and what came to mind with the word Dive is how I just dove in to those donuts after my ever so stressful day!  But you know what…it is always my goal to bring the reader inspiration and so inspiration I shall bring!  Part of living inspired is living authentically.  This is definitely an authentic representation of the truth of my week.  4.5 hours fixing ridiculous issues that are still not fixed with AT&T, and the Flu with coughing fits.  So inspiration wise I will leave you with 3 tidbits today:


1.  Some days are crappy.  Sometimes you authentically feel negative, irritated, sick, depressed or whatever else you can’t help but feel.  That is ok!  The whole point of living inspired is to allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel, deal with it, vent it, let it out, and then move right past it in to searching for the humor in it or looking for the blessings in your day.  Living inspired does not equal life is perfect and I must be the epitome of perfect joy and inspiration at all times.  Living inspired means life is messy and I CHOOSE to CREATE joy, find inspiration, and turn negatives in to positives.


2.  Laughter is good.  In fact it can be essential to your sanity in life.  So Hopefully you will laugh a little , as I did mean for this post to be funny (even though it’s true stuff that is annoying and not what you would call uplifting haha).  Sometimes I use sarcasm to make myself laugh at the absurdity of events that can occur.  It’s good to not take everything too seriously and one of the best things you can do for yourself in life is have the ability to laugh at both your self, and situations in life that are irritating.


3.  Never give up entirely.  Ok , so I dove in to a doughnut (or two).  My soul felt it needed that haha .   The thing is though, that even when we have goals we are working  on, be they New Year’s goals, or any other goals in life, there will be days we are really not feeling motivated and don’t want to stick to the goal.  Maybe we have a day where we slip up.  That is also ok!  We are not super human or something.  So every now and then, if you find yourself shoving donuts in your face like I did (that is a bit hyperbole, to make you laugh 😉 as I assure you I am more lady like than that ..but I did feel like shoveling them in!) or you have gotten off track and find yourself thinking…”oh I may as well throw that goal out the window now that I caved in! “, just give yourself a little compassion, dust the powdered sugar (or cinnamon sugar) off your face, and get back to your plan.  We all need a ” Delinquent Doughnut Day” every now and then!


Have you gone delinquent on any of your goals recently?  If so please share so I won’t look so bad   (jk)  can offer my support.  
Five Minute Friday

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