Jane Austen Inspired Hairstyle-Romantic Loose Bun Tutorial for Weddings Proms and Parties

It’s time for more vintage tea party fun!  Today I am showing you one of the vintage hair looks I did that you can do too.  We actually had two vintage themed tea parties in a row , so I actually did my hair a couple of different ways that week.  Today’s hair how to is going to be for a loose, romantic Jane Austen style bun using just 2 awesome decorative hair pins that will totally hold your hair in place (which amazed me)!  You can get discounted and free hair things (details below) to recreate this look that a lot of celebrities are doing too!  Information on where to get the hair pins needed for this tutorial is included below.





**Note:   While I wore this for a vintage inspired tea party, this look is so versatile and would be great for weddings, proms, and even every day.  The hair pins I used also come in more plain varieties and are practical for anyone wanting a pretty alternative to holding their hair out of their face without using hair ties, claw clips, or tons of bobby pins.  You can skip curling you hair and leave out the headband for an everyday look.



How to Create a Vintage Inspired Romantic Loose Bun:

I forgot to have someone take photos of the whole process of me making the bun but it is so simple that you will be able to do it with these instructions (if you need help feel free to ask me!).  


What You Will Need:

  • Medium round barrel curling iron
  • Flexible Hold Hair Spray
  • One faceted or rhinestone headband
  • H1-0795 Sparkling Silver Headband by Lilla Rose H1-0797 Sparkling Clear Auroa Borealis Headband Lilla Rose
  • Set of Two Lilla Rose You-Pins- I used the Charming Stone Set ones UP1-1925 Charming Stoneset You-Pin

To order these hair pins and headbands online, please click HERE to be taken to my friend Kendra’s Store (she blogs over at a Proverbs 31 Wife)


STEP 1:  Curling your hair.  (p.s. this hairstyle only works with med. to long length hair)  I used a medium sized round barrel curling iron.  If you use too big of a barrel, you won’t get enough curl.  If you prefer tight ringlets, you can also use a small round barrel curling iron. I was going for a more romantic loose curl.  Curl all of your hair in 1 inch sections.  I like to work from the back to the front personally, as I do the pieces that frame the face last.  Curling also helps the pins stick in better for my fine, slippery hair.

Here is how my hair looked after curling:

Retro Me


STEP 2:  Mist your hair with a light, Flexible hold hairspray.


STEP 3:  To make this bun style more fancy , I added a vintage rhinestone headband next. I recommend clear or auroa borealis stones for your headband.  My particular headband was one I owned that you can’t buy, BUT I found 2 headbands from Lilla Rose that would give a similar look:


  • The Sparkling Silver Headband with sparkly, faceted beads
  • The Sparkling Clear Auroa Borealis (also faceted)

(Scroll to bottom of post to see where you can get some)

Slip the headband on and when adjusting it on the top of your head, make sure to pull out a few curls on each side of your head in the front to frame your face (this works great with longer bangs or layered hair!).


Here is a photo of how I placed the headband with face framing bang layers left out.  Don’t mind the horrid picture of me at an odd angle haha!

Headband in place



STEP 4:  Now that the headband is in place, loosely gather your hair in the back at the nape of your neck (like if you were going to make a low ponytail) and begin twisting it around in a low bun at the nape of your neck.  Be careful not to pull the hair super taught when you are gathering hair or twisting and forming the bun.


STEP 5:  Hold the bun in place and slide both You-Pins in close to your scalp.  I personally think the rhinestone pins look best when two are placed closer together in a side by side fashion.  You can click HERE to be taken to a YouTube video on how to put the pins in (this video shows a tight, classic every day bun you can also do).



That’s it!  Now you have your beautiful bun updo that is held in place with just two pins.


Vintage Inspired Updos

Jane Austen Inspired Hair Tutorial

Loose Bun Updo



I also took photos of what this same bun style looks like done on straight hair.  These photos also show the Beautiful Lilla Rose You-Pins up close:


Updos with headbands


Hair  Updos with Rhinestones


Buy 3 Get One Free Hair Jewlery Info !   All first time Lilla Rose customers can get 1 free hair accessory when they buy 3!  Another way to get free and half price hair clips is to host your own Lilla Rose Party.  You do not have to pay a membership fee or do this as a business to host a one time party.


If Interested in Getting FREE Hair jewelry, hosting parties, or just browsing the site so you can shop and recreate this look and many others, please go to this website:  



If you are interested in getting something free, the headband/You-clips needed for this tutorial will be 2 items, and then as a 3rd I would suggest one of the Flexi Clips from THIS video.  These hair clips are so different from anything I have seen before and they totally hold your hair securely in place in a comfortable, beautiful way.  My friend Becky in I were pretty drawn in when we watched the video-they are just so neat!


 Let me know if you have any questions about the bun tutorial or how to get these hair pins.  Have a beautiful day  ~Rebekah

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6 Responses to Jane Austen Inspired Hairstyle-Romantic Loose Bun Tutorial for Weddings Proms and Parties

  1. Lizzy says:

    Oh they look so pretty. Better grow me some hair 😉

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      :). They do have some pretty rhinestone bobby pins with the same design I think. Those are good in short hair til it grows out. Not sure how a headband would look, but those also work in short hair. If I didn’t already have a ton of rhinestone bobby pins, I would have got some of those too 🙂

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  3. ang says:

    Good Morning!
    I’m stopping by from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    What a great bun tutorial – I’ve been looking for some easy styles this summer!
    – Ang

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Well I am glad I could be of help then ;). Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  4. beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday favorite things hop xo