One Voice Can Change the World- Five Min. Friday

Another 5 minute Friday is here.  Today’s word was Voice.  So here is what I wrote on that topic: Go Voice It’s amazing what one voice can do. One voice stood up one day and said, “No I won’t sit at the back of the bus.” Her voice changed the world that day. One voice stood up and said, “I have a dream…” Which filled the people with hope. His voice made such a difference that in America we have a national holiday to honor him. One voice said things like “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” That voice shaped the world of English Literature. One voice … Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday Poetry “Look” (We are a Masterpiece)

It’s time for another 5 min. Friday!  Mine this week is written poetry style again.  The words flowed out easily this week with the word “Look”(as opposed to last week’s fiasco with the word “race”).  If you would like to freely write for 5 minutes , not worrying about the outcome, please join me by either leaving your 5 min. Friday in the comments section at the website, or by posting to the We Live Inspired facebook page HERE (if you are not a blogger).  If you ARE a blogger, why not join in with LisaJo’s (The Gypsy Mama’s) FMF community and link up with us HERE today?   Go Look Look at me- Here I am. My authentic self in all its glory. The good parts, The bad parts. … Continue Reading

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