Poetry in Five- Change Your View and Change Your Life

It’s Friday and you know what that means!  I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s site to bring you my version of the Five Min. Friday writing exercise in which I write poetry in Five.  This week’s word is VIEW.  Setting my timer!   GO    Change Your View & Change Your Life:   Perspective is such an important thing- How we view the world around us, How we view others, How we view ourselves. I choose to live life with an inspired view (hence the theme/name of my website :)). One thing I have discovered about Life is that those who are happiest, don’t necessarily have it all (i.e. the perfect life). It’s an illusion and a false perspective to think that to be happy we must have … Continue Reading

A Different Definition of Brave – Poetry in Five

Linking up with my writing friends over at Lisa Jo’s for another FMF.  Today’s word is BRAVE and I am happy to report that I was able to write a poem for you this week in Five minutes (since the last few weeks I have gotten off of my usual writing style).  Today’s poem started out one way and pulled me in a different direction by the end.  It is so interesting to see what happens when you write straight through without stopping to think or back track!  If you have never tried freely writing in a time frame without over analyzing what’s coming out, it might be a fun experiment for you too.   On to today’s inspiration then!   Go   A Different Definition of Brave   I think … Continue Reading

The Path of Blessings-Poetry in Five

Every Friday I write for 5 minutes straight in poetry style (free verse or rhyme depending on what I am able to do with the word of the week) and share it at Lisa Jo’s with a wonderful community of writers, some who have become friends.  I hope you will enjoy your time here each Friday (and beyond!).  Today’s word is REMEMBER.  Let’s see what I can do with it.   Go The Path of Blessings: As I traverse this path of life, I hope to not remember strife. I hope to leave all woes behind, And walk with joy the road that winds. And stop to help my fellow man, And do good deeds where I can. And drink in sunshine when it shows, And stop to bend where … Continue Reading

Home- a Poetic Rhyme for Five Minute Friday

Home by weliveinspired.com

It’s time for another Five Minute Friday, where I try my best to create inspirational poetry in five minutes with whatever the word of the day is.  Today’s word is: HOME and for the first time ever I was able to write a rhyming poem in five minutes.  I find rhymes in five hard, because the rhyming slows me down.  Hopefully this poem will make beautiful sense to you, as you know how it is supposed to go with five min. Friday- you write whatever comes to mind (not over thinking it).  It is interesting to see what comes out!     Go Home Though I may wander far from youth, I hope to not forget my way. For all I know of home is Truth, ‘Tis where I know my … Continue Reading

A Love Song for Spring- Five Minute Poetry

The Flowers Appear on the Earth

Today’s Five Minute Friday word challenge is on the word Beloved.  I did something a little different today.  Because I have a personal goal of writing poetry again, I use my 5 minutes to write a poem once a week, on these Fridays.  However, today’s word instantly made a memory come to mind.  What I did was get that memory out and write for 5 minutes (or maybe slightly under), and then with the memory I wrote on, a poem was inspired.  I took another 5 to write the poem.  So, you will actually see 2 Five Minute Fridays in one today.  A memory followed by my poem.  Linked at Lisa Jo’s here.   Go The word beloved immediately takes me back to when I was in the high school … Continue Reading

Bare Trees And Bare Souls – A FMF Poem

It’s Five Min. Friday.  You probably know the drill by now.  This is where I freely write for five minutes flat on whatever comes to mind with the word of the day.  Because I have a goal of writing more poetry again , I try to use my five minutes to write a poem with the word.  You never know what will come out when the timer starts though!  I do tend to write poetry with lines broken up in to small pieces, which makes it look like I am fitting a lot more words on to the page than I actually am.  This is how I write best in a time crunch!  Today’s word: BARE   Go Bare Trees & Bare Souls:   In Winter, I walk in stark … Continue Reading

A Delinquent Doughnut Day-Five Minute Friday “Dive”

Five Minute Friday’s are back!  I have had a doozy of a day and am in silly mood at this point so I am not sure how this five minute Friday will go today!  It could end up good, or it could end up really stupid and cheesy.  I typically write poetry style, but am not as poetic today, so I may deviate a little.  Anyways, same rules as always.  You write for 5 minutes only…you can’t over think or back track.  And you must visit the person who went before you.  Today’s word is DIVE, so I am going to er..dive in here and see what we come up with.   Go   It’s a new year Doesn’t that make you want to just dive right in ? Dive … Continue Reading

Wonder of Creation – Five Minute Friday

I thought last week was the last day for this year of 5 min. Friday, but since there is one more day left in November, today was actually the last day.  I will be back with more poetry in 5 minutes in January!   The rules for these 5 min. Fridays are that you write on the word given for the day for 5 min. flat, with no over thinking or back tracking.   I believe this exercise allows your spirit to “speak” , because well- you just let whatever wants to come out, out!  So here we go- Today’s word is WONDER:   Go I look at all of creation with gratitude and wonder- The way the skies are so blue in the day, with traces of cloud, and brightness of … Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday- “Thank You”

This is the last 5 minute Friday until the New Year Begins.  I have been enjoying writing on the word prompt each week , bringing you poetry-silly or poetic in just 5 minutes of writing with whatever the word of the week is.  Can’t wait until January to begin again! Today’s word is Thank-You.  I think I will deviate from my typical poetry style for today.  Setting my clock!….   Go Thank You: This heart of thanks does not only make a practice of gratitude once a year, on Thanksgivings.  A thankful heart can be and should be a way of life-thanking my creator for the blessings I have (even in the midst of difficulties), both little and big.  I think of people I want to say thank you to … Continue Reading

5 Minute Friday Funny-Growing Roots (aka Butt Plant Syndrome)

TGIF!!  Yes, Thank Goodness it’s Friday! (Five Minute Friday that is).  Who is ready for a laugh today ( I did a comedic twist for today’s post).  The rules are you are supposed to write whatever comes to mind with the special word of the day.  No over thinking, or over editing.  Just pure writing flowing out however it wants to.  The other super important rule is that you can’t be all about yourself here…you are supposed to visit the person who wrote before you and leave a comment.  After all, that is what community is all about! Today’s secret word was “Roots”  (for other 80’s children out there…does the word of the day ever make you think of the show Pee-Wee’s play house? Or maybe it’s just me…. 🙂 … Continue Reading

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