Five Minute Friday- “Thank You”

This is the last 5 minute Friday until the New Year Begins.  I have been enjoying writing on the word prompt each week , bringing you poetry-silly or poetic in just 5 minutes of writing with whatever the word of the week is.  Can’t wait until January to begin again!

Today’s word is Thank-You.  I think I will deviate from my typical poetry style for today.  Setting my clock!….



Thank You:

This heart of thanks does not only make a practice of gratitude once a year, on Thanksgivings.  A thankful heart can be and should be a way of life-thanking my creator for the blessings I have (even in the midst of difficulties), both little and big.  I think of people I want to say thank you to not just this month, but every day.  The people who make life what it is.  For one I want to say thank you to my friends and family who believe in me and who are supportive of my dreams.  Starting this website and blog was a dream of mine, (well mostly the writing words that others would read is the dream).  I had put my creative dreams of sharing my poetry, art and other musings on hold for years due to , well, becoming an adult and focusing on other things.  Getting back in touch with this creative side of myself that used to be part of my everyday existence in my youth, has been so good for the soul.  It connects me to my roots, to that little dreamer of a girl inside of me who used to think she could maybe be a writer or artist someday.  I don’t know where my writing and sharing will take me in the future.  But I do know one thing – I am grateful to even have the resources and the know how to put it all in motion (truly I never thought I could be savvy enough to do it, since technical stuff can frustrate me).  The numbers , the stats, the typical things us bloggers get concerned with, are not near as important to me as the opportunity to create (connecting to spirit) and the little thrill I get of the idea of even just 1 person reading and enjoying (or even being inspired by) the things I have to share! I am grateful to even have a site up and running 😀

So thank you to the friends and family who read my words-it means a lot and sure does make my writing even more fun!


To my other subscribers who don’t know me in real life- I am so grateful to have you join me on this journey of learning & growing, having fun, and living inspired!  Thank you for taking the time to read, and for those of you who leave such nice comments or emails.  I appreciate you!  I am also so grateful for the friends I have already made in my short time blogging.  Even if I don’t know all of you in real life- It is so great to connect with other writers having the need to share their words too.  I feel a real kinship with you!


This heart of gratitude feels thankful for every person who makes up my world-from the blogging friends, to the friends I have made from my home based wellness business, to the family that is there for me, to the people I know here locally , my long distance friends that I haven’t seen in years, and my fiance who sticks by me through it all.


Thank you to my creator who endows me with such gifts and talents , the sky , the trees, the flowers in Spring, wisdom, know how, people or animals that cross my path…ANY gift I ever have had-because I know none of these are truly of my own doing.  Anything I have in my life be it person , talent, or thing, is a result of the One who creates things best and who sends the right things my way at the right time.  Life is sure not perfect- but I thank God for everything I have.



**On a side note, I couldn’t help but think of a favorite song of mine by the 10,000 maniacs which Natalie Merchant sings.  It’s called “Kind and Generous”.  I have always loved singers with soul anyways, and she for sure is one of them.  Thought I would share one of my (many) favorite groups/songs with you via youtube video below: (if subscribing through email just click HERE and that will take you directly to my website where you can play the video.



 I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!  ~Rebekah

Five Minute Friday

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