Life is a Miracle-How Can We Not Be Grateful?

Up Close Picture of a Violet or Viola

    It’s Friday and you know what that means!  Poetry in Five!  Today’s word is GRATEFUL. This one flowed out so easily for me, but I wrote a free verse poem this week.  Gratitude is one of my life’s practices and one of my favorite subjects :).  I found it ironic that today’s word was Grateful, because just 2 days ago in an online workshop I am teaching, one of the ice-breaking games we did was going around in a circle and sharing what we were grateful for.  It was such a fun and beautiful experience.  There is something about not only stating your own gratitude, but hearing others state theirs as well, that I find powerful.  It is so good for the soul.  So without further ado, here … Continue Reading

The Glad Game-A Thanksgiving Gift Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is almost here, and to celebrate I have created another giveaway game for you!  You could win TWO free gifts that you can keep for yourself or give to someone for Christmas!    The game I have created is called the “Glad Game” and is based around gratitude.  Have you ever seen the old Disney movie “Polyanna”?  My inspiration for this game came from that movie.  The character Polyanna (played by Hayley Mills)  , plays the “glad game” in the movie by focusing on all there is to be glad about in life.  Her sunny attitude eventually starts to make a difference in the lives of those around her, even warming the hearts of a grumpy old recluse and another elderly lady who worries about her health all of … Continue Reading

The Praise Project- A Week in Compliments & Thanksgiving

For the past week, my friend Tonya (who blogs at Nearly Missed it) and I have been doing a “secret” project, which we are revealing this week! About a month ago I was inspired by the power that our words have on others and wanted to do a week long experiment on this subject, then blog about it.     Most of us at some point in our week get stressed or frustrated with something.  Maybe it’s your kids, job, co-workers, Husband, family stuff, etc. (the list can go on and on!)  Have you ever caught yourself getting short with people, being negative, complaining, talking negatively about someone behind their back, or maybe even yelling?  How are you using your words?  Do you use them to lift people up, show … Continue Reading

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