Entertaining a Teenager- My First Christmas as an Aunt

I can remember feeling both worried and super excited about all the changes that occurred in 2015.  One of these was becoming an aunt (officially) and wondering what teenagers (more specifically college students) these days deem as “fun”.  I’m laughing at myself because I realize how “old” that sounds.  (She says in granny voice, “What are these teenagers up to these days?!!).  Criminey to Pete- It’s only been like 16 years since I was that age.  Things can’t be THAT different, right?  “Well since you use phrases like Criminey to Pete, you MUST be out of touch with things and these teens will think you are “old” and stuff, ” her inner critic says.  GAH!  Then again, I’m sure not many of my peers say “criminey to Pete” either.  I’m just … Continue Reading

The Praise Project (Spreading a Lil’ Sunshine)-My Results

Could you go an entire week without uttering one negative word to another?  Not one criticism, sarcastic comment, or complaint?  How would it affect yourself and those around you if you used your words to only speak praises to people?  Life giving words.  Edifying words.  Sincere Compliments.  Sincere words of appreciation and gratitude.  Letting people know how you feel about them while you can, instead of keeping it to yourself and regretting not telling them later. This was the concept behind “The Praise Project” that Tonya and I did this week.  What is this “Praise Project” you ask?  Click HERE to catch up if you missed Monday’s article on that, and click HERE to read how my friend Tonya did during her one week challenge if you missed Tuesday’s article.  … Continue Reading

“The Praise Project” Guest Post-Tonya’s Experience

What would happen if you were mindful of the words you spoke each day for ONE WHOLE WEEK straight?!  That is the experiment we are doing here at “We Live Inspired!” this week.  If you have not yet read yesterday’s post about what this project we call “The Praise Project” is all about, then please catch up by reading that post first HERE. (click on those words)   That being said, I am not the author of today’s article.  Today I want to introduce you guys to a friend of mine, Tonya, who blogs over at a place called “Nearly Missed It” (see bottom of this for a picture and bio of Tonya too!).  We met through the Five Minute Friday’s that you see me post weekly now, and she … Continue Reading

The Praise Project- A Week in Compliments & Thanksgiving

For the past week, my friend Tonya (who blogs at Nearly Missed it) and I have been doing a “secret” project, which we are revealing this week! About a month ago I was inspired by the power that our words have on others and wanted to do a week long experiment on this subject, then blog about it.     Most of us at some point in our week get stressed or frustrated with something.  Maybe it’s your kids, job, co-workers, Husband, family stuff, etc. (the list can go on and on!)  Have you ever caught yourself getting short with people, being negative, complaining, talking negatively about someone behind their back, or maybe even yelling?  How are you using your words?  Do you use them to lift people up, show … Continue Reading

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