Warning: Encouragement May Have Side Effects

Five Minute Fridays are back for the new year!  It’s been awhile since I have done one, and I know some of my readers really enjoy my 5 minute poems.  Today’s word was ENCOURAGEMENT.  I decided to go the humorous route and it is not a poem, but I know you will smile.  I hope you enjoy’s today’s funny 😀 !



Are you rundown, tired, listless?  Do you poop out at parties?  Are you unpopular?  The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle.  And it is not called VITAMEATAVEGAMIN.  This bittle lottle is called Encouragement.  😀 (side note, click the vitameatavegamin words to see the classic I Love Lucy clip).


WARNING Encouragement can be very contagious and may cause the following side effects:

  1. Causing a persons face to crack-(aka Smiling :D)
  2. Changing the course of a person’s day-(Energy Shifts)
  3. Helping a person advance to the next step instead of giving up-(Perseverance & Progress)
  4. Causing a person to believe in themselves a little bit more-(Empowerment & Confidence)
  5. Putting a dangerous little “pep” in ones step-(Joy or “Gladitude -a word I made up…combo of Glad and Gratitude)
  6. Assisting with the healing process-(aka Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  7. Causing hoards of people to flock to you (ok…maybe not hoards..but it’s a good way to make friends 🙂 )
  8. And maybe, just maybe , changing lives.


The recommended daily dose of encouragement is a heap full.  Encouragement has generally been recognized as safe, so there is not much danger of an overdose.  This means that it will probably not cause diarrhea, flatulence, muscle spasms, pain, risk of stroke, heart attack, heartburn, bone loss, joint damage, flu like symptoms, anxiety, depression, chicken pox, gout, hearing loss, hemorrhoids, shingles, rickets, liver damage or a barking cough.  It however, has not yet been approved by the FDA.


Disclaimer- If you or those around you experience any of the above side effects, please call 1-800-AWE-SOME.  One of our encouraging staff members will be glad to assist you :D.



Where can you get this little know drug called Encouragement my friends?  Why, right here at We Live Inspired!  or on our Facebook Community Page (you can follow the blog or “like” the Facebook page by clicking those links).


Wishing you laughter, giggles, and a little (or a LOT) of encouragement today,



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