A New Kind of Ice-Cream Sandwich

As the saying goes- “You learn something new every day!”


Today was one of those days.  Although at times frustrating, Life is FULL of ridiculous and funny moments and with the right perspective and sense of humor, you can find plenty of things out there to keep you laughing your way through life! 🙂


Let me start out by saying that today actually started out quite frustrating.  Due to some issues with our small town not getting a good signal with ATT, my fiance and I decided it was time to switch our cell phones to Verizon.  My Motorola Atrix Smart Phone was replaced with a new Droid Razr.  I spent quite a long time on the phone with customer service about a few different things (mostly to do with our phones not working yet) -including the battery power issues of my new Razr.  I am so used to how my Atrix lasted at least a full day on a charge, that I was quite surprised when my wake up alarm didn’t go off today, due to my brand new phone being completely dead.  It had been fully charged right before I went to bed!



Now- before I get further into my story, I would like to take time out for a short and silly quiz.  Can you take a look at the pictures below and point out which one is the ice cream sandwich?

If you said the one on the left, you would be right.  If you said the one on the right , you would also be correct.  See how easy this quiz was?  There are no losers here 🙂  Now if you were like me earlier today, you might be saying ” What the heck?!” right about now.  I am about to explain…..



So anyways, I am discussing my phone frustration with the lady at the Verizon store and this is how our conversation went:


Verizon lady:  ” Do you have an ice cream sandwich?”

Me: What?!

Verizon lady: ” Does your phone have an ice cream sandwich?”

Me: “Um I don’t know what you are talking about.” (maybe I am getting old or something, but to me an ice cream sandwich is something the ice cream man brings on his ice cream truck on Thursdays!)

Verizon Lady:  ” That could be why your phone is not working like you want it to.  I have the Motorola Razr also, and once I got the ice cream sandwich , it was like a whole new phone!  I love the ice cream sandwich!  It makes such a difference!!”

Me:  “How weird is this conversation (insert chuckle here).  Cell phones and ice cream sandwiches huh?  How am I supposed to know if my phone has an ice cream sandwich?”  (The whole time I am thinking in my head- this is the dumbest sounding conversation I think I have ever had.  What the heck?!)

Verizon Lady:  ” When you go to make a call- what color are the numbers when you dial?”

Me:  “Blue.”

Verizon lady:  ” Yup!  You have the ice cream sandwich!”


Pretty much the end of conversation….


Wow!  I feel like I am so special! My phone has its own ice cream sandwich….. (Hey- that sounds kinda good! I wish I had one right now…I am sorta jealous 😛 ) Ha ha.



I consider myself to be sort of tech savvy (well, enough that I get by just fine doing all of the things I want to do where technology is concerned), but today I learned something new ( and strange in my opinion 🙂 ).  Life is sometimes so amusing to me.  You can start out feeling totally frustrated with something and end up finding the whole situation to be humorous.  So this leaves me with a couple of questions for you –


1. Does your phone have an “ice cream sandwich” ?

2.  Am I the only one out there that didn’t know that a cell phone can even HAVE an ice cream sandwich?

and last but not least….

3.  Does this mean I have to store my phone in the freezer ??  😛


Hey- it’s “food” for thought…..!

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2 Responses to A New Kind of Ice-Cream Sandwich

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey girl. Laughing so hard. Love ur site and kittens. Just read to Dan. Ice cream sandwich is soft ware name. He said one before that was named ginger bread. I am with you. That’s crazy talk.

  2. liveinspired says:

    Gingerbread too?? Oh sheesh..who comes up with this weird stuff? Must be the people who make these names are starving at the time or something. Glad you got a laugh out of it and I knew you would love the kittens!!