To Everything There Is A Season

Welcome to Live Inspired , My brand new website/blog (!  While my first blog story starts out a little sad, I promise you it is a story of miracles!  Miracles are all around us.  Some are tiny miracles , so you have to be on the lookout for them.  Others are more obvious- like my blog story here today…

A few weeks ago, my dog Kassie got suddenly ill and to make a long story short was in acute renal failure.  We knew she was getting older, but she had been a seemingly healthy, happy dog until her kidneys stopped working.  When we took her to the vet he talked to us about having her put down, but her pain had ceased,  so we decided to bring her home.  That was a difficult week!  She was such a loyal friend for 12 and a half years that I didn’t want to abandon her in her time of need.

Day in and Day out I spent time petting her, massaging her with calming essential oils and giving her nutritious drinks every 15-20 min. to keep her comforted and in hopes of getting her kidneys working again.  It was heartbreaking , but at the same time I had a sense of peace in knowing I was doing the right thing and it was what she wanted.  After a full week of hanging in there and a full day of looking like she was going to make a turn around, Kassie suddenly passed away one weekend night.

It is still so hard to believe she is gone, and my hardest pet loss to date.  She was such a smart, loving dog and such a comfort to have in the home.  I didn’t know how I would cope with the new void in my life.  I didn’t know- because I couldn’t see the future.  But God knew.

Unfortunately, I have seen much illness and experienced much loss , starting with my best friend ( the first friend I made moving to a new town) at the end of my sophomore year in high school and with the exception of maybe a couple of years, averaging about 1 new loss each year until age 30.  I know I am not alone in the loss department!

Kassie’s passing was my first experience with the actual death process.  While I have seen loved ones dying of cancer for example, I have never seen what happens when someone or something actually dies.  It is one of the hardest things, but was more peaceful than expected.  On the flip side of that coin, I had never experienced birth yet!  I come from a smaller family that had many elderly members in it and none of my few cousins or I have gotten married or had children yet.  None of my nearby friends have even had kids yet!

Exactly one week after experiencing the death process for the first time, I was about to experience the LIFE process 😀

To read part 2 (which is the part where the miracle comes) , just look up my blog post titled “To Everything There is a Season Part 2” or click here


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4 Responses to To Everything There Is A Season

  1. Rebecca Firesmith says:

    Just letting you know I am a subscriber to your website. I think you are going to have some awesome stuff on here! : ) Can’t wait to read it all!


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  3. Hope says:

    Bekah, this is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

  4. liveinspired says:

    Thank you Hope, that means a lot 🙂