Meet Apollo! Feral Cat of the Week

This week’s featured outdoor colony cat is a sweet boy that I named Apollo.  I have a soft spot in my heart for him because of his sweet nature, but also because he looks so much like the very first cat that started this whole thing, Courage.  (Click on the word Courage at left to read the story of how this all began.) Courage disappeared before he was supposed to be taken in to get spayed.  It’s been almost 2 months now, so I am thinking he is gone for good 🙁  but that is for another story.  I think it is possible that Courage and Apollo are brothers.

Take a look at my post about “Courage” the cat and tell me they don’t look alike!




For one thing, Apollo is the only other cat from this colony that has a long and lanky, yet athletic build.  Exactly like the build of Courage, but not as sprightly.


How did Apollo get his name?

He was one of the last colony cats to get a name actually.  I just could not think of a name for him that sounded right.  While he may have the body of “Courage”, he has a different face (but has the same markings around his eyes and even the same brown patch near the nose).  He has a sort of exotic look about him, with beautiful eyes that are outlined in black and perhaps a more sophisticated expression.  I kept thinking an unusual or exotic name would be right, so I named him after the Greek god Apollo.


Basking in the sun’s last rays as it turns to dusk




What about Apollo’s personality?

Apollo is a soft spoken, gentle spirit.  He doesn’t make much noise, but when he is hungry he will let out a raspy sort of “squawk” at me.  It’s not a real meow, it sounds like he has a hard time getting it out, but it’s cute nonetheless.  He is the least aggressive of all the males and I totally trust him.  He has never had bad behavior issues such as biting , swatting or using claws (some feral cats I have worked with have been a bit defensive at first).  He actually loves tummy rubs (the only male in the colony I trust enough to rub the belly like that without clawing me) and will stretch out long for you to pet his tummy.


As far as “Scaredy Cats” go, this would most definitely describe him.  He has always been on the skittish side, and has become worse recently after a big black lab from across the street made it’s way in the yard and chased him full speed in to the woods.  The children next door try to come and pet him but he runs away.  He doesn’t like the company of anyone except myself and occasionally my mom.  He still doesn’t trust most people and is always on high alert.  He will run away at the slightest noise-even at feeding times.


Here he is napping by me with his female friend (she is fixed).



He is very close to me though, and another female cat named Tangerine that he likes to cuddle up with.  I spent a lot of time with him this summer sitting in the chaise lounge, and he would come lay up against my legs or at my side-often napping by me.  He likes things to be calm and quiet.  He does occasionally sleep up by the house in a cat shelter during cold or rainy weather and hopefully will use the shelters more this Winter.

Here he is standing on the shelter he sometimes sleeps in. It’s lined with straw inside.


Apollo is up next for the vet appointment to get spayed!  The only reason he hasn’t been spayed yet is because I can’t seem to get him during office hours.  He likes to go off in the day and not come back until after 5 when they are closed.  I am hoping I will be able to catch him at the right time soon!  Getting them to the vet to get “fixed” is so important towards not just population control for these colonies, but to reduce bad male behaviors  (such as cat fights and spraying).

Some final photos of Apollo.  He was so hard to get pictures of, because unlike some of the other colony cats, he is very shy and doesn’t sit still very long (unless napping in a chair with me).

Here I am holding Apollo in hopes of getting a better up close shot. This doesn’t really capture how pretty he is in my opinion. It does show that he is a big boy though!


Time for a YouTube video of the featured cat of the week!  This video captures his beauty much more than these pictures.  You will get to see him up close and purring while I pet him.  If you can’t see this video, click HERE to go directly to my website, where you can click on it there.

Announcements: For Tuesday, Oct 16 (National Feral Cat Day) I will be having a little blog link up where I would love for other bloggers to link up their cat stories or pictures.  It doesn’t matter if they are old posts you have written, current posts, old pets or current pets.  The link up party will start tomorrow and run until the 23rd. If you are not a blogger, then please head on over to our Facebook page to post photos of your cats there!

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  1. Tonya says:

    Apollo has very beautiful eyes 🙂