(Funny) Five Minute Friday – Race

Who needs a good chuckle at my expense this week?  Look no further!  This week’s 5 min. Friday started with a major blonde moment on my part, and since there is this rule that you can’t over think this, you can’t backtrack, and you just have to write what comes to mind for 5 minutes flat, I left it just as it happened-blonde moment and all 🙂  Maybe I shouldn’t get so excited about 5 min. Fridays that I stay up past midnight to write these!  Surely this is to blame… 😀


My friend Becky and I did this project together while we were Skype chatting tonight, and since she is not a blogger, she will be leaving her 5 min. Friday in the comments section below (at the website-for my email subscribers).  She is also posting hers on the We Live Inspired Facebook page.  I would like to invite everyone who wants to do this fun exercise along with us-blogger or not, to set a timer for 5 min. and write what comes to mind with this week’s word, then post it in the comments or at our facebook page HERE.  Did I mention that hers is pretty hilarious too and “us girls” had a roarin’ laughter over what we wrote.   5 min. Fridays are turning out to be some fun girlfriend times!


Here we go with this week’s word prompt- “Race” !




Tick tock goes the clock

and I am waiting for the minute to turn over so that I can write for my five minutes.

I am not a cheater, I want to be exact.  When will that number 12 turn to a 13?!!

I am thinking this is the longest minute of my life.

And then I realize

I am having a major blonde moment

Maybe the most epic of all my blonde moments -ever.

But probably not 🙂

The number 12 is the DATE.

Hmm, good thing I didn’t wait for the number 13!

That would be 24 hours from now haha!

So the race is back on and here I am laughing at myself.

Laughter is good. Racing is not.

Racing can be helpful , sure.

It can be a motivator .

Sometimes it can be just the thing I need to get my sluggish butt in gear.

Procrastination is no stranger to me.

I sometimes work well under the tick tock of the clock.

However, with most things in life racing is no good.

Slowing down is where it’s at.

You know the saying-stop and smell the roses…

Life is taken for granted way too much.

People running around doing their daily tasks, but not absorbing


Slow down…

put away your running shoes.

Notice all the wonder around you

that you have been missing

in your quest to “keep up”.


©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2012

A picture I took of my brand new “running” (but really walking in my case) shoes.




This is linked up at Lisa Jo’s 5 min. Friday HERE

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