Friday Poem-When Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!

Elmer's Paste

      Ode to the Days Where Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!   Do these Pictures bring back fun childhood memories for you?  They sure do for me!  That container of Elmer’s Paste takes me right back to Elementary school craft projects in the classroom.  The glue sticks remind of back to school shopping with Mom, as it was typical for her to by us each one.  Who remembers Mucilage?  What the heck kind of name is that for a glue anyway ? .  I used to think mucilage must have something to do with mucus when I was a child (ew), but I enjoyed applying it to things with that rubber tip it comes with.   Why on earth is she talking about … Read More

Introducing Warm Words of Wisdom (from my heart to yours)

Quotes by We Live Inspired

Today I am bringing you something new!  If you aren’t yet part of the We Live Inspired Facebook community, you haven’t seen a new feature I started recently called “Warm Words of Wisdom (from my ♥ to yours)” ®.  It’s where I share wisdom that I have either learned from my own experiences or that is inspired at that moment by the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart.  Ironically, an author I really enjoy (Holley Gerth) has started something called “Coffee for your Heart Wednesday” in which we bloggers are to write an encouraging post for our readers.  Since encouragement is what I do here anyway, and I just happened to start that new feature on Facebook-I thought this was perfect!  I hope you will enjoy this new feature . The words … Read More

My Favorite Irish Blessings to Inspire You on St. Patty’s Day

Funny Irish Blessings

  Top O’ The Morning to you!  The above quote is one of my all time favorite Irish blessings simply because it makes me laugh!  I have a bit of Irish in me and I love Ireland and all things Irish.  I have a few books of nothing but Irish folklore and blessings and I thought it would be fun to share a compilation with you today.  Altogether there are 41, (including images) and I have split the list up in to funny ones and sweet ones for you.  My favorites are in green.  Enjoy!   Funny/Cheeky Irish Blessings:   May the saints protect ye – An’ sorrow neglect ye,  An’ bad luck to the one that doesn’t respect ye!  T’all that belong to ye, An long life t’ yer … Read More

Are You Willing to Let Your Light Shine?


It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Today’s essay idea was inspired by a dear friend in my SARK writing class via a quote she texted me (which I made in to the word image below).  I’m bringing you a collaboration for the first time, where we each wrote for 5 minutes to bring you this inspired post!  In our writing class we are called “Merry Life Bringer” (that’s me) and “Ray of Joy” (today’s other contributor Janice Sweetwater)  Sometime I will do a post explaining these unique writing names we have!  Ray of Joy’s 5 minute contribution will be in Purple and mine will be all other non purple words .  Pssst-Be on the lookout for a special audio poetry reading from her below!    “Are you willing to be … Read More

Poetry in Five-On Seemingly Dormant Periods of Life and Emerging!

Power of Transformation Quote By We Live Inspired

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~Anais Nin     It’s time for some poetry in Five!  I am posting this a little late because I was celebrating my birthday this weekend .  This weeks word was CHOOSE.   Today’s Inspiration comes from periods of dormancy in one’s life…   Are you in a spot in your life today where you are feeling like you don’t know what your purpose in life is?  Have you ever felt lost, confused, hopeless, alone or just plain old stuck in mediocrity?  Maybe you are even in a mess that you can’t see your way out of at present.   If you can relate to this, I … Read More

Announcing a New Inspiring Website Feature-the Inspiring Person of the Month!!


You’ve been hearing inspiration from me via all the ways I personally live inspired through my own life’s journey from turning struggles into everyday joy, gratitude, FUN, and the pursuit of my own dreams and passions.  I have been thinking about the WE of this site (We Live Inspired!) for quite some time now.  While we definitely have a little growing community here and on Facebook, I wanted to give you guys a little MORE inspiration .  I thought maybe you may want to hear the inspiring stories and interviews of other people out there who are enJOYing life by following their calling, or who are finding ways to make a difference in the world too.  Therefore, I am introducing the newest feature/tab on the blog called “The Inspiring Person … Read More

When You’re Feeling Unsure- Inspiration on Conquering the Unknown

Today’s topic of inspiration ended up being about the unknown, which you will find ironic when you start reading today’s post as I had NO CLUE what to even write about today. Today you will find out that the unknown can in fact be inspiring and awesome and that it’s ok if you are feeling unsure of yourself.  So on to today’s post know you wanna read more!  ;)     It’s been awhile since I have written here, which is ironic since today’s Five Minute Friday word is WRITE.  Linking up at Lisa Jo Baker’s website as usual for the 5 minute exercise that frees us to not over think things, but to just get the words out on paper for 5 minutes.  I have no clue what … Read More

Happy Little Accidents-Or the Surprise Lump Loaf I Cooked Up

image credit:

I thought the start of a new week would be a good time to write about turning life’s mishaps into fun adventures!  A shout out to one of my first painting mentors, Bob Ross, who called these “Happy Little Accidents”!  Living Inspired people…these things are a big part of that.  It’s all in the attitude and what we do with the curveballs.   My last mishap happened in the kitchen a few days ago.  Have you ever started a recipe assuming you had all the ingredients you needed on hand, only to find part way through that you are missing several things?  Do you say “Oh crap!” and abandon ship (wasting all those ingredients you have already mixed)?  Or do you say “Well now, let’s see what kind of concoction … Read More

Warning: Encouragement May Have Side Effects

Five Minute Fridays are back for the new year!  It’s been awhile since I have done one, and I know some of my readers really enjoy my 5 minute poems.  Today’s word was ENCOURAGEMENT.  I decided to go the humorous route and it is not a poem, but I know you will smile.  I hope you enjoy’s today’s funny !   Go Are you rundown, tired, listless?  Do you poop out at parties?  Are you unpopular?  The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle.  And it is not called VITAMEATAVEGAMIN.  This bittle lottle is called Encouragement.  :D (side note, click the vitameatavegamin words to see the classic I Love Lucy clip).   WARNING Encouragement can be very contagious and may cause the following side effects: Causing a … Read More

The Weekend We Got Snowed In- A Cozy Little Glimpse of My Town and Life

Cozy Snowy Village

I can scarcely believe the new year is here!  Today I am inspired by cozy little Winter scenes and freshly fallen snow.  Do you love it too?  As I sit here writing, a cold wind is howling outside my bedroom window.  The snow is getting deeper and it seems as though a blizzard is upon us.  Living in Michigan I am no stranger to snow, but this year is different. The high temps for the day are going to be in the negatives (around a -2 degrees F) with lows of -15!  If the snow keeps piling up, I would not be surprised if we got over a foot of it! I am not complaining one bit.  I actually sort of like being cozied up inside with a blizzard a … Read More

Childhood Christmas Traditions-A Christmas Gift for Jesus

The week of Christmas is upon us!  I have been a busy little elf (away from my writing desk) and immersed in making fudges, cookies, wrapping gifts and making sure our cottage styled home looks magical and cozy for Christmas and Winter.  I am sure you all have been busy too and have barely noticed my little elfish hiatus .   As we celebrate this sacred season together, I thought I would share a little piece of what Christmas was like for me as a child.  Mom instilled the spirit of Giving in us from the time we were small.  She came up with the coolest way to keep the reason for the season at hand, and I thought maybe it would inspire some of you parents out there who … Read More

Angels Among Us-On Being an Angel to Your Fellow Man

With the holiday Season upon us, our hearts are often filled with love and goodwill towards our fellow man.  To me, Living Inspired means Living this way year round.  Even in my own toughest times in life, reaching out to help others made a profound impact (lifting my own spirits as well).  When we are putting an energy of love out there, we are in turn going to attract love and kindness unto ourselves. This is where true miracles happen!  Today’s inspiration is a true story that happened to me (and my family) a month ago.  It is a story of goodwill, kindness, love, and strangers. **Make sure to watch the YouTube video at the end of this, as it goes with my story and I think it will touch … Read More

The Pearable-What a Bucket of Fruit Taught Me About Life Part 2


Today I am bringing you the continuation of a true story I call, “The Pearable-Or What a Bucket of Fruit Taught Me About Life”.  If you have missed the first part of the story, part 2 may not make as much sense.  You can click HERE to read part 1.   Arm in Arm we set out at dusk (Matt & I) that crisp October eve, with the exuberance of children going door to door at Halloween asking for candy.  Only we weren’t the ones receiving.  We were the literal bearers of fruit…a bucket of fruit, that is.   It was like a grown up version of trick or treating-this random act of kindness we were about to do.   We knocked on various doors in our neighborhood with our … Read More

The Glad Game-A Thanksgiving Gift Giveaway!

The Glad Game

Thanksgiving is almost here, and to celebrate I have created another giveaway game for you!  You could win TWO free gifts that you can keep for yourself or give to someone for Christmas!    The game I have created is called the “Glad Game” and is based around gratitude.  Have you ever seen the old Disney movie “Polyanna”?  My inspiration for this game came from that movie.  The character Polyanna (played by Hayley Mills)  , plays the “glad game” in the movie by focusing on all there is to be glad about in life.  Her sunny attitude eventually starts to make a difference in the lives of those around her, even warming the hearts of a grumpy old recluse and another elderly lady who worries about her health all of … Read More

The Wings of Belief-A Whimsical Poem & a Childhood Story

Shoot For the Moon

It’s time for my poetry in five with the Five Minute Friday community!  I am a day behind, as I have company here at the cottage and am super busy.  This week’s magic word is ”FLY”.  I have a little childhood story on “flying” to share with you, followed by the whimsical poem I wrote!  Won’t you lighten your spirit and indulge in a little childlike glee with me today?  (there is a message in this poem for our adult selves too )         When I was a child I used to almost believe I could fly.  Did you ever feel that way when you were small?  Children are so amazing in their ability to BELIEVE in possibility.  That is what made childhood so fun!  It was like living … Read More

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