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The Weaving Wondrous Websites Free Taster Call is Thursday, October 30 at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific)!  Click HERE to Register! 



Hanging out in my favorite place in my garden- under the hummingbird vine arbor.

Hanging out in my favorite place in my garden- under the hummingbird vine arbor.


Hello fellow creative soul!  

My name is Rebekah (friends call me Bekah or “Merry Life Bringer”) and I want to help you pursue your passions!  I am the creator, designer, and author of the “We Live Inspired!” Website.  Everything you see here (including background & header art, buttons, graphic images, blog posts, poetry, etc.) was created by me.  I’ll share more about me later, but let’s talk about YOU and what Weaving Wondrous Websites is all about.



 You’ve landed on this page for a reason.


  Do you have a dream in your heart that’s just waiting to be birthed into the world?

 Are you ready to DO something with your creative interests?

 Are you interested in starting a website or blog too, but aren’t sure where to begin or HOW to do all the techie things?

 Does the thought of going it alone frustrate you?

 Maybe you already have a blog or website, but would like to learn how to do more with it (or connect with others who are following the same passions).


I would like to invite you to be part of an inspiring, supportive group that will help you nurture your dreams so that you feel empowered to take action!



Maybe you are a writer who dreams of having a book published one day, or just plain want to get your writing out there!  Maybe you’re an artist or crafter who would like to start selling your creations.  You may be thinking of using your skills to create an income by offering paid services such as coaching/mentoring, web or graphic design, virtual assistant, alternative health practices, etc.  Maybe you have a passion for cooking, sewing, photography, home decorating, etc. and would like to create a blog just for the sheer fun of it or even turn your hobby into income by monetizing (making money blogging)!


Whatever the dream and whatever the reason-you need an audience.  A platform.  A presence.  Having a blog or website is a great way to start pursuing your dreams or living your passions-whatever they may be!



That is a huge part of why I created We Live Inspired 2 years ago.  I wanted to start living my purpose and using my God given skills and talents more.  I wanted to reconnect with my childhood dreams and be what I always wanted to be “when I grew up”-life is too short not too.  I spent a lot of time in limbo trying to decide what to do next in my life and I came to the realization that I didn’t want to put my creativity on the back burner any longer.  You don’t have to either, because I am here to help!





You Need a Teacher…


Do you find yourself wishing you had a teacher, coach or mentor to hold your hand and show you how to do things that you haven’t been able to figure out or don’t even know about yet?  Being self taught and a researcher by nature, I have acquired a wealth of tips and knowledge to help you create a quality Word Press website like I did.  As part of Weaving Wondrous Websites, that is exactly what you will have access to!  You won’t just get vague tips either.  You will get thorough, in depth information showing you HOW to do the things you want to do via Maestro Conference Screen Sharing.  


You will be able to learn “hands on” and SEE exclusive, behind the scenes information I have never shared elsewhere (such as getting to see the back office of my website & how it all runs).  This is an extremely valuable component of working with me that is pretty much unheard of (I am currently unaware of any other programs where the web owner shows you their private, behind the scenes info and personal customizations).




Mentoring & Coaching are my passion-especially mentoring complete beginners & novices!  I have a knack for encouraging, motivating, and inspiring others-  For helping you believe in yourself and see that if I can do these things, so can you!  I have been group coaching and private mentoring individuals for over 6 years, and have talked to literally hundreds of people during my time working from home with my businesses.  I also have a lot of patience and a heart for people.  I like to infuse everything I do with love and personal care for those I work with.  ♥  (I will be sharing more about my work from home journey on the Free Taster call)



 As your teacher I will help you-


  • Learn how to create, manage and grow your blog or website (please note that main tutorials will be on using Word Press websites, as that is the most touted platform currently).

  • By sharing a VAST variety of my knowledge on so you can learn everything you need to know , which includes:

                  registering domain names & getting WP hosting

                  themes-designing your blog or website

                 ◊ plug-ins & widgets (with a full list of what I use to make it super easy)

                 ◊ understanding the back end of your Word Press site, as I cover various important settings and explain all of the parts that make up the “dashboard”

                 ◊ how to create awesome graphics, logos, headers, etc. for your sites with free software that I use AND my secrets as to where you can get FREE non- copyrighted photo images for your website                                

                  SEO tips-how to get found in Search Engines and draw traffic to your site

                 ◊ monetizing and all of the various ways to have multiple income streams with your site

 social media (or how to get your work in front of more eyes & grow a following), and much more!


  • Answer any questions you have with live mentoring. You will have me at your disposal on a weekly basis if you have questions or need support (both during weekly meetings and in the private Facebook group)!





You need Inspiration…


Weaving Wondrous Websites is not all about the techie stuff.  One of the things that makes it so unique is the combination of solid advice, tips, and tutorials, along with lots of juicy support, love and inspiration!  It’s a 50/50 (left brain/right brain) balance that is both fun and really beneficial.


Inspiring others is my passion (hence the name of my website)!  You will get all kinds of unique and clever ideas from me to inspire you, along with miraculous stories to motivate you.  Pursuing your passions is exciting because you never know what could happen!  I have had all sorts of neat opportunities come my way since the start of We Live Inspired-paid writing opportunities, interviews, being contacted by best selling book authors and luminary speakers, and even kids who have used my poetry for school projects.  I love sharing these things to get YOU dreaming about the possibilities of where YOUR journey could lead you!



And you won’t just be getting inspiration from me, it’s a Community thing!  Be inspired by all of the cool things other members are creating, swap ideas, collaborate if you wish, etc.




You need support…


Your Weaving Wondrous Websites Membership comes with the unique opportunity to have all kinds of support to dial into.  First off, I will be there on a regular basis as your mentor and encourager to help you every step of the way!  You will always have the opportunity to ask me questions and ask for feedback or support during our live calls and in our Facebook group online.  The Weaving Wondrous Websites Club is an intimate group with a limited number of seats available at this time, so you will never feel lost in a sea of hundreds of people.  There is time for everyone to share and get support each month.



06-02-04 E P2041368Meet our club facilitator- Emma French! You may remember her as one of the SPARK call facilitators for best-selling author SARK’s WINS and WOW NOW programs.  She describes herself as a writer, free spirit and perpetual student, with a passion for exploring the human psyche and the healing arts ( I personally love her calming voice & her playful sense of humor!).  For the last 12 months she has been an official writer at Dr Lissa Rankin’s wonderful website, Owning Pink: http://www.owningpink.com/users/emma-french     


Aside from myself and our group facilitator Emma French, you will have a creative tribe of other club members to bounce ideas off of or collaborate with!



Studies have shown that when like minded groups of people come together with a common interest or goal in mind , they are more likely to manifest what they focus their intentions on.  No man is an island.  There is power in a circle.



Some of the group circle sharing activities we do:


  1. Deep Breathing with Powerful Affirmations:  I have written some magical, powerful affirmations just for you!  Emma starts every call off with these.  She combines her soothing voice with deep breathing exercises and repetition of these affirmations to create a calming, centering space for you.  Get in the positive habit of repeating these affirming words with us week after week and see what you can transform! 😀
  2. Creative Collaborations and Idea Sharing– Opportunities for both smaller break out groups and the whole creative tribe together in one virtual “room” to help you brainstorm!  Come with your ideas and get feedback, juicy support to help you gain clarity, and on the spot mentoring if you wish.  Be supported.  Be Inspired.  
  3. Manifestation games
  4. Juicy Circle Sharing– Get to know your fellow club members better! Emma and I choose a fun question and we pass the mic around the room so each person can share a if they like.
  5.  Timed writing prompts & Goal Setting- designed to help you explore and get your ideas/goals mapped out so you can keep moving forward and create action.



♥  I want to point out that our club is a safe, supportive, non intimidating environment.  You don’t have to feel shy to share or ask questions, and I like to make everyone feel really at home here.  




The Weaving Wondrous Websites Free Taster Call is Thursday, October 30 at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific)!  Click HERE to Register!



*** Weaving Wondrous Websites Membership Options- What you are Getting!  ***


There is something for everyone.  If you don’t like group settings, I also offer private sessions, so make sure to come to the Free call to hear these explained ( I also offer FREE 15 min. phone consults if you need help deciding which option is best for you.  Please email me at live.inspired.b@gmail.com if you need help and we can set up your Free Consultation).



 *** Both membership options (The Workshop and the Club) listed below include the following things:

  •  90 min. calls every Wednesday at 9 pm Eastern (6 Pacific) to give you the most “bang for your buck”.  – You are guaranteed a minimum of 6 hours a month of my time (a $450 value based on my normal hourly mentoring rates)
  • Screen Sharing – like a virtual show & tell!
  • Recordings of each week’s call!  If you can’t join us one week, no problem.  You will have the recordings to download and keep forever at no extra charge to you.
  • Support Sheets!  Each month you will get support sheets with helpful info links and information for you from class nights.
  • Opportunities to chat one on one with other club members if you wish




Extra Bonuses! -Free Gifts for You!

You will get the following free bonus gifts (regardless of which group membership option you choose):



 A Free Magical (limited edition) Club Membership Print!!  You’ll receive a quality 8 x 10 print that you can frame and hang up in your personal creative space to inspire you on your journey.  (a $35 value).  I can’t show you the image here, as it is a surprise ;), but I will tell you that it is a fantasy like work of art created with a special inspiring message from me to you.  I thought this would be the perfect special touch to connect us all as a creative tribe :).  Your Free Gift will be snail mailed to you (unless you prefer to download it from your computer instead and print it yourself).


 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Magical Inspired Mentoring Voucher for 50% off one on one (personal mentoring) of your choosing.  This includes blogging help, or any other type of Inspirational Mentoring I offer.  This is a very unique opportunity to get an hour of personal coaching for an insanely low cost.


  A private group Facebook community for members to connect, get help & inspiration, Plus support to help promote each other’s blogs & websites.  I will be popping in the group every now and then to share little extras such as helpful links, motivation or inspirational things, Extra tips and tid-bits for blogging and beyond (including helpful links and blogging/marketing resources), general encouragement and CELEBRATIONS as we celebrate all that you are learning and creating!


 A special Christmas call in the month of December where all Weaving Wondrous Websites Members (from both classes) will come together for some special holiday fun and a Free Christmas Prize Drawing.




Testimonials ♥:


” I just completed Rebekah’s “Weaving Wondrous Websites” Workshop – aka WWW. For years I have toyed with the idea of creating a website that would present my creations to the world. And for years I have not moved forward because I wasn’t clear about exactly what I wanted to present and I had no idea how to implement it.

That all changed when I enrolled in “Weaving Wondrous Websites”. The classes included creative brainstorming and stimulation, the technology involved in putting up your site, wonderful interactive support among participants, and personal attention from Rebekah.

As the creator of WWW, Rebekah brings her extensive skills as an entrepreneur, teacher, coach, and marketing specialist. At the same time, she is kind, infinitely supportive, and very inspiring. She catalyzes your creativity whether you’re currently overflowing with ideas or mining for unseen treasures, while providing instruction and information on all aspects of creating, implementing and monetizing a website or blog. In this new and richly sourced membership course, you get the best of both worlds – design and technical skills – to get your website up, running, and creating results – all enhanced by an interactive and supportive community.

Weaving Wondrous Websites” was a great workshop – which is why I’m excited to be continuing my website creation under Rebekah’s guidance in the “Weaving Wondrous Websites Club”.

Thank you Rebekah! You are the Wizard of Websites! “

 –Leslie Vogel Sherman 

Lightwalker LLC


“I started my Blog just to get my Writing out there. It was my first Big Step Forward! Meeting REBEKAH and her sharing what she knows about WordPress and Blogging — That was my Second Big Step Forward!  I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS CLASS HIGHLY ENOUGH! REBEKAH and EMMA are Truly AMAZING! I Learned SO MUCH about BLOGGING, WEBSITES, WRITING… If you are even KINDA’ Thinking About it, I URGE YOU to Give Yourself the Gift of this Next Step Forward and Begin to Give the WORLD the Gift of Your Creativity… There is SO MUCH Here to Be Discovered…SO HAPPY You GALZ Are Offering this Next Class.  Thanks, REBEKAH for the difference you make! XXOO

— Arnold J. Mungioli, writer at: www.LivetheQuestionsNow.com



06-02-04 E P2041368“Rebekah, or “Merry Life Bringer” definitely lives up to Sark’s intuitive name for her, not to mention her website’s name: We Live Inspired! She is skilled in teaching both the practical steps needed to create a website, and also in stimulating the creative visioning necessary. Because she has done everything related to creating her website herself from scratch, she makes it all seem do-able. With her gentle pacing, and generous, nurturing spirit, she has taken me from overwhelm to feeling like I can do it too!”  – I am so excited to be helping facilitate her workshops!  ~Emma French



  “Rebekah is an amazing Mentor and Teacher.  I am grateful for her Weaving Wondrous Websites Classes.  With Rebekah’s expert assistance I am building the website of my dreams!”  –Sweetwater, professional artist sweetwaterstudio8.com



 TURTLEBATLANDstampFaceRghtUkeYel+” Several of my friends made beautiful websites in Bekah’s previous class so I no longer had the excuse of “I’m not young enough, not smart enough, and not technical enough to build my own website.” It’s been very empowering to create my own website and to learn a brand new skill. Bekah’s patience and encouragement with me have proven to me that building a website is easier than potty training a toddler, easier than moving to a new house, and easier than shopping for a bathing suit. Plus it’s so great to be able to tell people when they invite me to do boring things, “Oh sorry, I have to catch up on building my website tonight.” Doesn’t that sound impressive?  She is such a good and caring teacher!!”  -Merri Beacon fairytalemedicine.com



3 Weaving Wondrous Websites Options to choose from :  


1.   The Weaving Wondrous Websites Workshop–  This is a faster paced 8 Week Workshop geared towards beginners who want to know what to do from A to Z.  A crash course in websites/blogging with TONS of tips and info for just about every topic you can think of. If you don’t yet have a  website, but want to start getting your writing, art, creative or business ventures out there, this is the best place to start.  If you already have a website or blog, but would like to learn tons of information on all things mentioned previously on this page, this is also for you.  You will get a 90 minute class every Monday at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific), with a support sheet to keep for each class plus all of the free gifts mentioned above!  Topics cover everything from how to get a registered domain name and a Word Press site, to learning your way around all the techie things, social media tips to grow an audience, monetizing, & more!

$375   Early Registration Sale ($50 off!) $325.00  (a $1,000 value based on my hourly mentoring rates + Free bonus gifts)

2.  The Weaving Wondrous Websites Club– Join our amazingly talented intimate group of club members, working together to pursue our dreams and passions!  This club is already in progress and we are waiting for other creatives like you to join!  If you don’t yet have a domain name, blog, or website, this probably isn’t the right option for you.  This is still a workshop for beginners and more advanced bloggers/website owners alike, it’s just that everyone has their domain names purchased and have learned the beginning basics.  The Club is a slightly slower paced environment.  We meet every Wednesday (via conference call) at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific), but only have regular “how to” classes every other week, with fun creative nights in between.


The Club Membership includes everything previously mentioned on this page, but has these differences:

  • Instead of “How To” Live Tutorial calls every week, they will be only every other week
  • The other two meetings a month (every other week), will be centered around lots of inspiration, juicy sharing, collaborations, and creativity to create a nice balance for everyone.
  • Wild Card Nights!!-where YOU get to vote on what types of games or circle sharing you would like to engage in, plus bring questions you have on any topic that you would like live mentoring on.  You can also bring any ideas you want to get feedback on for all of us to help you with!
  • Plus an extra Bonus Gift- ♥  The Surprise of the Month-  It could be anything!  It could be a prize drawing, a magical image for you to keep, a secret blogging tip, etc.!   I have given away several cool Free gifts and Prize Drawings already this year :).
  • Less support sheets


 3.  Don’t like group settings?  Need some personal attention?  No Problem!  I also offer private sessions via Maestro Conference.  You still get support sheets when applicable.  You still get call recordings to keep.  You will also get live screen sharing with me if you wish, so that you can learn “hands on”.  For more info on private sessions, please visit my Services Page HERE.

$75/hour   Introductory Sale $50/hour



Take those steps towards your dreams, but don’t do it alone.  Do it with a creative tribe or private coach (whatever suits your fancy)!!

Register HERE for the Free Taster Call on Thursday, October 30th at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific)


Warm Welcomes and Lots of Love, 



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