The Fairy Messengers-Inspired Poetry by Rebekah

It’s Five Minute Friday and the word this week is MESSENGERS.  I had such fun with this word!  I have written another fairy poem for the fairy poetry book I am working on publishing.  Today’s poem is called “The Fairy Messengers”.  Most of my fairy poetry is inspired by my garden and the wide variety of flowers, greenery and creatures I “play” with there.  Get ready to be sprinkled with fairy dust! 😀



The Fairy Messengers:


Quick as a flash they dart through the sky,
Rarely seen by the naked eye.
Over field and meadow they carry your dreams,
As they ride on the back of dragonfly wings.


Leaving love notes on flowers and sprinkling new seeds,
Following the wind wherever it leads.
Merry with joy, laughing all the way,
Infusing the air with a sense of play!


Whispering wishes to birds and telling the trees,
And even the butterflies and the bees!
So your Dreams will be spread both far and wide,
Causing Miracles to multiply!


So if you find a fairy letter tucked within a flower,
You’ll know it’s getting close to the magical hour.
When you least expect it, a wish will be granted,
Born of the magic seeds the fairy messengers planted!


© Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2014





I have a connection with the fairy messengers and they have told me to ask you to make a wish ;).  Please leave me a comment below with a wish you would like the fairies to plant for you!  I will make sure they get your request :D.  


May all your dreams come true,



If you enjoyed this poem, you may enjoy other inspired poetry pieces by Rebekah.  Click HERE for the poetry archives where you will find other fairy poems and more!

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