Vintage Glamor Photos of Me & Some Other Fun Stuff from Mother’s Day

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day!  I am taking time away from my traditional , more professionally written articles of inspiration, to just casually talk to you about what’s going on.  I have been super busy the past week with some really cool things we did for Mother’s Day  (among other things), and so that is why there hasn’t been an article in the past week (and no FMF poem).   One thing you may (or may not) know about me, is that I LOVE to host theme parties.  Specifically themed TEA parties!  This all started about 4-5 years ago when I planned the first (very small) tea party as a surprise birthday gift for my Mom.  She , her good friend and I enjoyed it so … Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Products Giveaway for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Have you gone green yet?  If you haven’t yet converted your home to green cleaning products that actually WORK (or even if you have but just want to try another brand or get some free stuff ;)) now is your chance!  I am giving away an awesome Spring cleaning gift in honor of Earth Day and my 100th Blog post (it just so happens that my 100th blog post happened on Earth Day! ).  1 Winner takes all!  You can enter below.   These are the only products that myself and several family members use and have used for over 5 years now.  Not all eco-friendly cleaning products work well.  We have found that these particular products really do the job (which is why we have been … Continue Reading

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD,Xbox or Sonos While Saving Money on Your Internet & Phone Bill

Today I am sharing a money saving tip of the week with you on how you can not only save money on some monthly bills , but also get a pretty sweet Free gift doing it!  I was able to help my parents get a Free Kindle Fire (but you could choose a different device instead) by switching over to AT&T  U-verse.  Let me explain how…         So a few months ago, I was helping my parents (who are cutting back on expenses these days) figure out a way to lower some of their monthly bills.  I came across a really great deal for switching over from regular AT&T service to the AT&T  U-Verse service.  They could bundle their TV, internet, and phone all together for less … Continue Reading

How to Get FREE Food For Your Birthday and Beyond

This week’s topic is on how I get things Free or heavily discounted during the month of my birthday.  Yesterday I shared the top 8 stores online that give me Free gift cards, Gifts, and more, along with a website I use for great coupons to save even more money.  If you missed that article you can click HERE to learn more.  Today’s focus is on FREE food! Some places will give you completely Free meals (and more than one too 🙂 ) Let’s get started!     Tip #1:  You will need to sign up to be on the mailing lists of the companies I mention.  For most companies this is the only way you will be able to get these deals and it also ensures that you won’t … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week- How You Can Get FREE Birthday Gifts & Awesome Coupons Online

If you are new to We Live Inspired, one of the things I do here is share tips on how I save money and also get FREE stuff.  Today’s topic is on how I get things Free or heavily discounted during the month of my birthday.  We will focus on Free gifts from stores & online retailers today (plus a site where you can get awesome coupons like I do). Tomorrow’s focus will be Free meals & Food items.  This article is chock full of tips from top to bottom, so for best results make sure not to miss anything!     Tip #1:  You will need to sign up to be on the mailing lists of these companies. This is the only way you will be able to get … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week- Re-purposing/ Recycling Christmas Cards

For this week’s tip, I thought I would talk about what on earth to do with all of those Christmas cards you received over the holidays.  Don’t throw them out!  You can recycle & re-purpose them like I do and save some money in the process.  In an earlier post I talked about how framing beautiful ( I like to use vintage looking ones personally) cards makes an inexpensive and nice gift.  If you haven’t seen that post and want to know how I do that on a budget, you can click HERE.  So that is one thing you could do with any particular cards you received that are especially pretty.  Either frame them for some inexpensive holiday decor for yourself next year, or frame several of them for gifts … Continue Reading

Antique Framed Vintage Christmas Cards-Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea & Holiday Home Decor

Vintage Christmas Cards Framed

  I love Vintage things and Shabby Chic or Cottage Decor, so I decided to “Make” a few Vintage looking Christmas gifts this year for some of the people on my list.  It was so simple and so inexpensive to do, yet makes an impressive gift that looks like you spent much more.  There are only 2 things you need to do:   Hunt for 5×7 Antique picture frames Hunt for Vintage Christmas Cards   In my case, I didn’t have to do much hunting, because the things I found are not real antiques, just brand new vintage looking items.  It literally took me all of about 5 minutes to find and put together my gifts.  However, if you are a person who enjoys garage sale hunting, or antique mall … Continue Reading

Free 365 Day Devotional plus Free Christmas Reading Plans I Love (with YouVersion)

The other day I shared a Free bible app that I really like (I have it on my smart phone).  You can click HERE if you missed that post and want to learn more about it.  What I love about YouVersion though, is that they also have free reading plans you can start and a free devotional book as well.  Right now I am enjoying some Christmas reading plans before bed, as a way to sort of unwind during the crazy holiday season.  I am going to share about those first, and then will talk about the Free Devotional book.   So the two reading plans I love the best for Christmas are: Carols: A Christmas Devotional – This is 25 days of some of our favorite Christmas carols.  It … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week-Free Bible App & What I Love About It!

About a year ago I found a really easy and awesome way to read daily devotions (daily inspirations-including Christmas reading programs at present) and/or the bible with a bible app for my smart phone!  Don’t stop reading this if you don’t have a smart phone, because this tip I have to share today also works with a regular computer, or tablet (such as an Ipad).  You may also be able to use it on an electronic reader (such as a nook or kindle) , but I am not 100% sure on that since I don’t know how those work.   There is a Free bible app that you can use with any electronic device, be it an Android, an Apple, or a computer.  I never knew anything about “apps” until … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week- How to Organize Your Holiday Gift Giving w/this FREE Program

  Have you ever wanted a quick, easy, and Free way to organize all of your holiday gift giving lists each year?  How about a way to keep a log of not only all the gifts you give for each holiday and occasion , but keep track of where you got them, what deals you got, and also document what gifts you received (so you can remember and send thank yous).  One of the things I love to do here at “We Live Inspired!“, is share tips to make life a little easier for you.  I hope you will get as much use out of today’s tip as I do!   Credit for this tip goes to a non blogging friend of mine , Becky Firesmith.  We always swap tips … Continue Reading

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