A Little Faith Goes a Long Way: Series on “Change” Pt. 2

mustard seed faith

I am doing a little series on “Change” for Fall here at “We Live Inspired!” this month.  If you missed Part 1 (Change-Embrace, Resist, or Avoid?) click HERE to catch up!  I ended the first article on change mentioning how moving forward we would explore how to embrace it, since it’s inevitable.  I am learning right along with you here, so while searching my soul for answers on this, what came to me was that the road to change starts with 2 things:   Acceptance.   Since change IS inevitable, somehow we must learn to make peace with it.  Sometimes I can be very stubborn in this area-clinging to what I know, instead of allowing the natural flow and rhythm of life to wash over me.  With acceptance comes the necessary … Continue Reading

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