Broken Vessels- A Story of Brokenness & Provision


Five Minute Friday again where I typically bring you poetry in five.  Today’s word is BROKEN and I actually have a story instead of a poem this week.  I apologize for not timing today’s post as usual (got carried away with my story and forgot), but I hope you will think what I wrote instead was worth it and will be touched.  This story is about broken vessels , and not the blood vessel kind   After my uncle died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago Mom and I started making prayer shawls for people with illnesses, hurts, and losses.  It all started because her brother received a prayer shawl sometime after his diagnosis.  I have knit many prayer shawls for people in need, but there is one shawl story … Continue Reading

Inspired by Hugs- Be a “Reckless Hugger” & Love with Reckless Abandon

Today’s Inspiration is - HUGS!!     This brain of mine thinks of many things (curious and an observer, not too much unlike my furry friends ) , and one of the things I got to thinking about recently is how as children, we are both the receiver and the giver of hugs frequently!  Often we received hugs from parents, other family, friends,whomever and gave them out freely as well.  I have this theory that children tend to be more open to freely giving affection.  There is a type of innocent, reckless abandon in youth that causes us to not typically over think things as much, or worry about what others think.   I can remember as a child not only receiving lots of hugs, but showing affection to others freely as … Continue Reading

Always Believe in Miracles – Five Minute Friday

Inspirational Quote about Believing in Miracles

Five Minute Friday is about to begin.  As soon as I find out the word, I will get to writing for 5 minutes flat, just freely let whatever wants to come out come out.  That is how it works, so you never know what you will get.   Then after I am done I will be sharing what I wrote at the Gypsy Mama’s website HERE and stopping by to read what others have written.     Today’s word is “Afraid”.  The very word causes an emotional response in me, because I can picture many things in my life to go with this word!  But today I want to share what a very special friend in my life taught me about Miracles.   Go   I can picture the scene so … Continue Reading

Cat Tales-A Christmas Tree for Tangerine

Calico Cat under the Christmas Tree

  Once upon a time there was a funny little calico cat named Tangerine.  Tangerine didn’t have a home and lived outside with a group of other homeless feral cats (feral meaning not used to human contact).  One day in the summer Tangerine decided to hide under the lounge chair where a girl sat outside reading books and giving love to some of the other cats  that Tangerine knew.  Tangerine would sometimes bat at the girl from under the chair, as she was a very silly and playful kitten.   She was starving and skinny and needed some help because her fur was falling out and she had sores all over.  She was pretty much a mess.  So she reached out to the girl, who helped her get to the … Continue Reading

Inspired by: The True Spirit of Giving

Do you see what I see?

While I have been sharing lots of money saving or shopping tips to help you get deals when you shop like I do, I wanted to take a time out from that today to write a little inspirational article on the true spirit of giving.    One of the joys of Christmas for me is the giving.  Of course I love receiving gifts as well, but nothing is as fun to me as picking out things I think my loved ones will like, and seeing them open them on Christmas!  It’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling With advertisements everywhere, and Christmas “wish” lists, and all of the material side of things, I am inspired by the meaning behind the increased spending/shopping this time of year.  If you look beyond the … Continue Reading

A Cat Called Courage (or how the colony began) Part 2

Meet Courage

  This is Part 2 of the story of a charity that landed right in my backyard.  This is how the cat colony (that I didn’t even know existed) began.  This is the story of a cat called Courage!  If you missed Part 1, make sure to read that first by clicking here : A Cat Called Courage (or how the colony began) Part 1   May was in full bloom and this first little beautiful cat that shyly approached me behind the garden (at the rhubarb patch) had become a fast friend of mine.  It wasn’t long before I noticed he had a little friend.  As I would go meet “Courage” by the bushes each day I started to notice this fluffy little kitten (probably 4 months old) behind … Continue Reading

Seeking Comfort

Kittens in the Pillows

Today’s inspiration on seeking comfort was inspired by the newborn kittens (who were 1 month old when I took their pictures for this post last week).  If you would like to follow the inspirational stories of their growing up days, you can click Here to read the story of the night they were born, or click Here to read the story of the day they opened their eyes.   They are getting bigger now and are more active, so I let them have their run of the laundry room most of the day.  Last week when I went in the laundry room, I couldn’t find the kittens anywhere.  I have tried to “kitten” proof the room as much as possible, but I was concerned that maybe they had gotten stuck … Continue Reading

When You Feel Like Quitting- Inspired by Perseverance


To Give Up or Not to Give Up-That is the Question…    Today’s post was supposed to be a different topic.  I spent several hours on a cute graphic art project that I couldn’t wait to share with you, but when I went to save it tonight my computer said that an error occurred and it deleted the whole project!!  How heartbreaking to have wasted all that time, knowing even if I redo it, I won’t be able to draw it exactly the same.   Do you know what thoughts went through my head?  (after lots of Oh No’s, gasping and sighing) – “I lost all of that work that I had worked so hard to perfect!  I should just quit!  I will never be able to recreate my vision … Continue Reading

Seeing the World for the First Time

Just a funny picture I took to make you smile.  :)

If you read my very first 2 part Blog post (To Everything There is a Season), then you know about the birth of Fluffy’s 2 kittens.   (If you want to catch up and read this story in miracles click here)   Today the kittens are 3 weeks old.  The white kitten started to open her eyes at around the 10 day mark and the black one was lagging behind about a day or 2.  When they first started to open their eyes they were just little partially open slits.  Now they are wide open.  So cute!  They are growing so fast….     The interesting thing about kittens is that they are born both blind and deaf!  Their tiny little ears are folded in and of course their eyes are … Continue Reading

To Everything There is a Season Part 2

Another Picture of the kittens at 1 week old-Napping together

Missed Part 1 of this Story?  Click Here It happened on a Monday night around supper time.  I went outside to care for the cat colony (you will learn more about that in the future if you follow my blog!) and saw a puddle on the back step.  One of the kittens I had adopted, and was planning on bringing indoors this winter, had been looking chubby around the middle.  I had guessed she was pregnant but figured she had a couple of weeks at least until she would give birth.  Boy was I wrong!  When I saw that puddle on the back step, I had this feeling that her water broke (even though I didn’t know the signs of cat labor haha).   “Fluffy”  ran over to me and climbed … Continue Reading

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