Seeking Comfort

Today’s inspiration on seeking comfort was inspired by the newborn kittens (who were 1 month old when I took their pictures for this post last week).  If you would like to follow the inspirational stories of their growing up days, you can click Here to read the story of the night they were born, or click Here to read the story of the day they opened their eyes.


They are getting bigger now and are more active, so I let them have their run of the laundry room most of the day.  Last week when I went in the laundry room, I couldn’t find the kittens anywhere.  I have tried to “kitten” proof the room as much as possible, but I was concerned that maybe they had gotten stuck somewhere.  Momma Fluffy was there, but where were the kittens?


Then I saw them.  🙂  There are these pillows I put between their kennel and the sink vanity, because once they were crawling around more in their kennel, one of them had tried to squeeze through the metal slats and got stuck.  The 2 little kittens had put themselves to bed in between the pillows!


They were lying cuddled up together (on their backs) on the first pillow, with the second pillow covering them so that it looked like they were lying in a bed under the covers.  They were sound asleep until they heard the click of my camera.  It is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen 🙂

How funny that even as young as they are, they sought out the most comfortable place in the room-tucked away in a corner (the same corner where they were born actually) and not just lying on top of the pillows, but sandwiched in between , all safe and warm.



It got me thinking about how in their first 2 weeks of life, they didn’t leave the security of their kennel, where they nursed and slept with Fluffy.  After week 2, they started to venture outside of their comfort zone to explore more, but would always go back to their kennel when they needed to.  Now after week 4, they have ventured even further out of their comfort zone and don’t have the need to go in the kennel nearly as often.  However, they still seek out comfort.  After their little daily adventures, they sneak away to their new found “special place” for a little R&R.

Isaiah 32:18- ” My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. “


When you think about it, no matter what the age, we all have the need to seek out comfort from time to time.  And the places of comfort we seek, change as we age-just like it has with the kittens.  It’s important to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones in different ways, but I think it is equally important to have a “special place of rest” to retreat to when we need it.  I have 2 special places I like to go to relax.  One is out in nature, either in a chaise lounge (usually with a good book or a knitting project, and a couple of the outdoor cats by me) or sitting in the grass under a tree.  The other is my bedroom, which has restful blue walls and plenty of candles and whimsical things that I like.  These places are my sanctuaries where I can steal away to get some peace & quiet.


A Cozy Little Corner of My Room


Where do you go to seek comfort?  I would love to hear about your “special little place” !  Please share in the comments area below, if you are so inclined.


Underneath a Tree with Tangerine (one of the outdoor feral cats)


If you would like to see a video of the kittens playing in the pillows after they woke up, just watch this:

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9 Responses to Seeking Comfort

  1. So maybe you are a crazy cat lady! lol They are way to cute!!!

    • liveinspired says:

      Nah I just have a HUGE heart 🙂 Lots of writing material in watching these kittens grow too!

  2. Sharon Evans says:

    Just love the kitties they are inspiring, it took me back when my Zana produced 6 kittens, like you I have a comfort zone in the house and one out in nature.

  3. Salina says:

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog this week.

    It made me smile to think about the things in my life that bring me such comfort. Thanks for sharing this and the cute kitten photos.

  4. liveinspired says:

    You are welcome Salina! I really liked your blog about Beauty coming from within. Good stuff!

    I am glad you enjoyed thinking of comforting things and checking out the kittens. They are a joy to watch grow 🙂

  5. Sweet kittens. I find comfort in my times of prayer, which I do most anywhere. But I do have a cozy corner in my room that is a haven for me and I’ve spent many day praying there. Thank you for sharing at WJIM this week. Blessings.

    • liveinspired says:

      You are welcome, thank you for stopping by also. Good point- a place of comfort doesn’t always have to be a physical place. I would agree that prayer can be a great place of comfort-anywhere 🙂

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