Make Every Day a Celebration!

Happy start of the week inspired friends!  Today I want to talk about what (for me) is a crucial part of living inspired-making every day a celebration!  It is part of how I create a happy, joy filled life for myself that makes the mundane marvelous (as I like to say).  You can do this in very little ways or in larger ways.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday.  In fact it is BEST when it isn’t one because it keeps life fun during those in between times.  I’ll give you a few tips on how I create ongoing celebrations in my life and also share photos from the tea party I had this weekend as part of my ongoing Christmas/New Year and just plain Winter festivities.   This … Continue Reading

Inspirational Gift Giveaway & Part 2 of Why I Created This Site

Great Quotes From Great Women by Simple Truths

I’m celebrating the 1 yr. anniversary of “We Live Inspired!” by giving away 2 inspirational gifts in appreciation for those who are part of our inspired community!  There will be 2 winners,1 for each gift, and I will be doing 2 separate giveaways, so be on the lookout for giveaway number 2 as soon as this one ends!  These giveaways are open to people in ALL countries and you do NOT have to have a blog to enter.      But first-Part 2 of how We Live Inspired began:   You may have already read that the actual event that pushed me to start this website was the loss of my dog, directly followed by the miracle of the birth of Mickey & Minnie (my 2 website mascot kitties that … Continue Reading

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