My Latest Miracle plus Tips on Setting Intentions to Achieve a Goal

I said I’d keep blogging about the everyday miracles I witness in my life as I live inspired, so I’m back today to share another one! Today’s “Five Minute Friday” (or as I call them “Poetic Fridays”) word is RELIEF (click that word for today’s poem).  That word is so dead on for me lately! I am going to share some encouragement and hope with you in the form of a new miracle that has transpired for me.  I hope it will speak to your heart and leave you feeling inspired!  At the end of this post you will find my “6 Tips on Setting Intentions”, along with a free 10 min. inspired mentoring podcast and poetry reading on this topic.  



For the past couple years, and especially in the past year, there has been something that has been burdening me in the background of my being.  One of those life things that you are really struggling with but aren’t sure how you are going to get it worked out.  I knew that it would go one of two ways- it would either work out in my favor, or it would not.  And if it did not, I would be in a more of a pickle and I wasn’t sure how I would handle that.  That part was a huge anxiety producer for me.  To be honest it was one of those THINGS that I just kept putting on the back burner.  I knew I had to confront it eventually, but I kept procrastinating on it because of fear.  Fear and this “what if” hopeless feeling.  Can you relate?  Have you ever not known how a situation would work itself out?  Have you ever been overcome with worry or even secret hopelessness sometimes over a situation?



There have been a few times in my life where I have experienced this big time.  Eventually the thing you are avoiding or fearing must be dealt with.  I have good news though.  You’re going to be okay!  If you are finding yourself in a situation you don’t know the way out of right now, I would like to encourage you to not worry about the “how” part of how it will all work out.  Lay that down right now and trust that it will.  Somehow it will.



So on to my miracle then-

In this post I will be referring to the boulder on my path as “The THING” haha.  It is of a personal nature and is kinda hard to explain, so…


Anyway, the THING was finally catching up to me and I decided to do something about it. I didn’t know the how yet.  I just knew the what.  I stewed and fretted about it once in awhile over the past couple years, but I planted the seed of doing something about it almost a year ago.  I started setting my intention on solving the problem by voicing the worry to a few people I trust.  I got all sorts of helpful advice which did help some.  It didn’t solve the problem (yet), but at least I was putting my intention in the right direction.  Then I took some time off from dealing with the thing and put it on the back burner again.



Fast forward to last week.  I have this cool day planner that I use to write out my goals and to do lists for the week.  I had written out everything else that had to be done or that I wanted to accomplish.  Everything except..dun Dun DUN- the THING!!  So with my orange colored ink pen I looked at that list and added the thing in bold letters.  Secretly thinking to myself “Oh brother” but yet a tad hopeful and focused on the outcome I hoped for.  Then I simply went to bed.


(and p.s. this is a good sleeping tip too.  ***Write down the stuff ruminating in your head before you turn in so you can forget about it.***)


I woke up the next day and went about my life not knowing that God had already taken care of the THING for me that morning.  It wasn’t an eventful day.  It was a day of scrubbing and cleaning the house for company coming over the next day.  At the end of the day, feeling kind of worn out from the cleaning, I called Mom.  (I actually called her because I had accidentally burnt 3 of my fingers on the stove and couldn’t finish washing the last couple pots I would need to make dinner for company, but that is besides the point…)


She said someone had something to tell me and then she connected me with this miracle person on the phone.  What I was about to hear I had SO not expected.  I would have never in a million years guessed it would be about the thing.  The miracle person told me they had used a connection they had to fix the thing on my behalf.  She was persistent about it (not taking no for an answer) and I’ll be darned she got the thing taken care of!  A boulder that had been in my path for years was removed in an instant.


What I find particularly miraculous about this is that I had NOT asked for help from this person.  I had asked for help with the thing a year just showed up in a very unexpected way.  Who would think that help would not come from the person I asked a year ago, but from some new person I had not yet met back then that God would place in my path in the future.  Not to mention a person that I would not even ask for help from directly.  I had also not told ANYONE what I had written in my day planner just before bed.  Yet this new found miracle person came along, took my part, and got it taken care of that very next morning.  You all may think I’m being corny here, but I’m seeing a correlation between the last sentence I just wrote and the character of Jesus 😀 .  This woman happens to have a very close walk with God as it were…



So there is my story on the inspiring word of the week- RELIEF!  What a relief it is too.  A huge weight has been lifted off me and something that seemed like such a mountain to me (and could have gone the other way) was fixed with such EASE.  I hope this inspires you to know that whatever your THING is that God can take care of it for you if you give it up to Him.


I leave you with these inspired tips (which I will also be talking about on the podcast below if you want some free audio mentoring in this area) to help you with whatever your goal of the week is.  P.S.- it doesn’t have to be something big like this- you can do this with any goal you have.



 6 Tips on Setting Intentions:

  1.  Start setting your intention by focusing and DECLARING 🙂 whatever it is you want to attract or confront.
  2. Brainstorm solutions or baby steps you can take towards the thing (but don’t get caught up too much in worry about the “how”, as that can be a stopper).
  3. To magnify the intention you have start talking about it with people you trust (if I hadn’t told anyone about my “thing” then it wouldn’t have been taken care of in this way).  Don’t be afraid to get real about your fears if you have any, but then remember to also talk about the outcome you’d like.
  4. Magnify it even more by boldly writing down your intention
  5. See yourself getting that outcome.  How does it feel to get the outcome you desire?
  6. Let go and let God.  This is the part where you pray about it and turn it over to God to make a way where there may seem to be no way.
  7. Repeat as necessary!


A free graphic for you to keep if you want something to refer to : 

6 tips for setting intentionsToday’s Free Podcast on the topic, along with a poetry reading for Poetic Friday 🙂  


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2 Responses to My Latest Miracle plus Tips on Setting Intentions to Achieve a Goal

  1. Those are great tips Bekah! I know I have to do that many times, or nothing gets done.

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thank you! It is amazing what can happen when we set our intentions on something (and amazing what GOD can do too!). I had another thing happen today after setting an intention before bed. Now that I think of it, I ironically seem to have most miracles happen when I set my focus on it before bed. Something often happens the next day. Not always, but I can think of many instances. Thanks for stopping by to comment!