Facial Follies-Gettin’ My Glow on for Christmas


I don’t know about you all, but when I am feeling tired, a little under the weather, or stressed, that is when I turn to some pampering “me” time.  I do one of several beauty or spa related things , from a foot soak and manicure/pedicure, to exfoliating scrubs, facials, hair treatments, essential oil treatments, etc.


Well today was one such day , where I decided to spruce myself up with a beauty night.  After not feeling well since Thanksgiving, I thought this would be SO what I needed.  It all seemed to be going well-


I had my hot bath, complete with all natural peppermint soap, and I decided to do an exfoliating facial scrub (one of my secrets to keeping my face looking young 😉 ).  Normally I just love the glow my skin gets from these treatments.  So here I am getting my glow on, and I wound up looking like Rudolph or something.


Oh yes, I am GLOWING all right!  Glowing a nice shade of bright Christmas red! I feel a kinship with Santa right now in the classic children’s tale-‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.   You know- the part where it says , “His Cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry.”  Yup!  That is me right now- times 10.  Only my cheeks are more like fire engine red, and they feel like they have been lit on fire too.  But hey- at least my belly doesn’t shake like a “bowl full of jelly”!  At least not tooooo much 😉


I have never had a reaction like this to any beauty treatment, and the funny thing is I was just using the same facial scrub I always use.  I wonder if somehow the peppermint stuff I used all over in the bath, got on my face and mixed with the scrub, causing this super minty , icy hot face that I now have.  Who knows?!


You gotta love moments like these- where you are trying to make yourself feel better, and end up feeling worse! haha. BUT at least I am now laughing.  So it was good for something.  Hopefully you will laugh too (when you read this), and then this “facial folly” will be worth TWO somethings.  I WOULD share a picture, but I don’t want to scare you before Christmas 😉 (This is not the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” …or IS it?).  Heck, I don’t even like looking in the mirror myself at present!


So yeah, I am all festive now , and will be wearing red for who knows how long.  I hope you are being all festive where ever you are at (and hopefully in a less painful way)!



Have you ever had a beauty treatment go wrong?  Do you think Santa would be jealous of my red glow?  (or maybe he could use me to light the way instead of Rudolph this year?!)

~Stay inspired! , Rebekah

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