A Holiday Home Tour For You

Hello Inspired Friends!

I’ve made 2 Holiday home tour videos for you and am including a few photos as well.  The photos will be grainy because they were taken with my cell phone at our evening gathering with nothing but candles and twinkle lights on.  Watch the videos though, because at least one of those is well lit so that you can see the decor I did better (plus it shows more of the house, as I’ve only included a few photos below for a sampling)


I’d like to invite you in to my home for the holidays 😀 .  I planned on getting this out to you MUCH sooner, but have been run down and feeling icky and have just now started to feel more like a person again.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  What did you all do?  I had a wonderful first Christmas married and officially living here at our new home.  I actually wrote a detailed blog post about my first Christmas morning married quite some time ago (then got sick), so it will be coming out as soon as I get some photos in there.




So then on to my home!  Won’t you come on in?  It smells like Christmas when you walk in the front door (still does!).  Imagine yourself walking in the front door to be greeted by cozy warmth, twinkle lights and the smell of mulled cider and other types of delicious holiday scents reminiscent of potpourri shops and boutiques that make you think of this time of year.


The table is set with gold linens, a twinkle lit topiary and candles.  There are candles and twinkle lights in most every room of the main level.  A bit of whimsy, a bit of glitz and glamour, with decor that has lots of glitter and sparkle and is mostly done in shades of white, silver, and champagne gold.  It is a Winter Wonderland theme, or an enchanted forest rather.  Faux fur pillows, faux fur stockings, and woodland creatures you may see in our secret garden hiding in the Christmas tree (bunnies, owls, hummingbirds, butterflies, deer, etc.).  There are antique things and nostalgic things from my childhood and even before then as well.







We’ve had a rather dreary, rainy holiday, so I haven’t gotten many good photos in natural light.  Instead I took 2 videos and some photos of what it looked like Christmas night at our gathering and then New Year’s Eve with all the twinkle lights and candles going:


Video 1: Christmas Night and a Close Up Look at My Enchanted Woodland Themed Tree (click here if you can’t see the embedded video via email)

* Lights are out and only the twinkle lights and candles are on.  I was trying to give an idea of how beautiful it was during our family Christmas, but of course video can’t fully capture low lighting effects.



Video 2: New Year’s Eve- A More Detailed Look at My Home with the Lights On (once again, email subscribers click here to see video)

See better details of the decor and nostalgic things (along with me doing some relaxing storytelling about the items in my home).  The Garden Room, The Living Room, Dining Room, Front Entry with the story of the Salem rocker that came with our home, and the kitchen where our pug puppy makes an appearance.


A photo from our gathering Christmas Night:


IMG_20160102_231612441 IMG_20160102_231619395

May your days be Merry & Bright!


With Love and Grace,


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