How to Shop Free or Discounted & A Free $10 Gift Card for You!


Who is ready to do their Christmas shopping?

I am starting to get a little bit done!  I have had many questions or requests in the past from various people for me to share some of the ways in which I make my budget stretch and find the deals that I find (people who know me know I am a good shopper).  I have already shared one article on this topic of how I get things free or really discounted and am back to share more today.  I promised I would be sharing as much as possible between now and Christmas- as I know so many people are on tighter budgets these days.  If you missed the first post that talks about the free ring I got from Stauer please click HERE to see that.  Also- you may want to check out another post I did about how you can make money back when you shop online ( I just got about $40 in the mail from that very thing this week) because if you are already planning on holiday shopping online, why not get money back in the process?  It’s free and easy, and to learn how to do that click HERE.



Today I want to talk about a place my best friend Becky introduced me to called No More Rack.  I was able to get some AMAZING deals with this company and have already knocked out 1 free birthday present and 1 very discounted Christmas gift in the process.  They have a huge variety of things, and it’s not really like any website I know of.  It’s not a store.  It’s like this place where you will find merchandise from many different stores and name brands , but at highly discounted ( I have seen them up to about 90% off) prices. 

Bonus?  You get a FREE $10 gift card to start with.  (More on that in a minute).


How it works is that they have these deals of the day every day (several items) on the main page and then they have evening events from different stores that last a certain number of days.  They also have something called “insanity deals” that are usually very costly items for an insanely cheap price (they have had Kindles and video game systems in the past for example)…so look for those too.

I personally find the evening events to have the best finds and have done all of my buying from those.


For some reason I have a harder time finding gifts to buy men, so I was glad that one event they had was for this high end looking stainless steel Men’s jewelery.  I had a $10 gift card to redeem so I was able to get the first gift completely free.  I found a really cool cross necklace that was on sale for $10 (regular price is $30) from a brand called Blackjack.  Since I can’t take a photo of this because Matt is wearing it at present, I will provide a link to the website so you can see the quality.  Just click HERE.  That was one of Matt’s birthday presents back in August.  (He doesn’t read my blog, so no worries of me spilling my “secrets”).



The second thing I got for Matt I have saved for a Christmas gift.  It is this really nice, heavy and chunky (but classy) Men’s ID bracelet.  I was super stoked when I got it in the mail, because this stuff is such nice quality.  You sometimes wonder when you get things free or really discounted what it will be like, but the Blackjack website has really nice things and it comes gift boxed nicely in a sleek black box.  The ID bracelet I got him costs $70 at the blackjack site, but I got it on No More Rack for just $19!  $19 for 2 really nice, substantial feeling pieces of Men’s jewelry is pretty cool in my book.  I am not sure what I am going to engrave on his bracelet, but am thinking of his initials on one side, and mine on the underneath side.  Something sweet that he will hopefully like.


I also got a bluetooth ear piece for my cell phone for an extremely low price, and have just seen another gift (which I can’t mention) that I will be snagging for someone else.  The only downside I want to mention about No More Rack, is that the shipping will be slower than some stores.  You would want to shop at least 2 weeks in advance for any special date to make sure you have it on time.  It’s worth it though because shipping is always either $2 flat rate or free. (When you sign up you will get emails of the daily deals/events plus any time they have free shipping or any other special deals they alert you).


So how do you get a FREE $10 gift card for yourself?  You have to sign up through a friend’s link to get one.  It’s super easy and free though, so no worries.  HERE is my link to get your gift card!


If you click on that, you will get a free $10 gift card to start shopping with.  The link should just take you to the site, where you will sign up easily with email .  Then they email you the gift card code.  You just will enter the code when you go to check out and then you will get the $10 off.  The best part is that because they have such great deals, you will be able to find something for $10 or less…so you should be able to get at least 1 item totally free 🙂  It’s kind of fun to hunt and see what you can get!


Some of the really popular items sell out fast, so be aware of that too.  I have seen everything from luxury sheets and hotel or spa quality bathrobes and towels, to designer perfume and makeup (like MAC cosmetics for example), to electronics, Swarovski Crystal stuff, toys for kids, etc. on the site. You name it, they have probably have had it ,or something like it, at some point.  They may do the Blackjack jewelry thing again as an evening event.  I have seen it 3 times so far, so you never know.



How are you all doing with your Christmas shopping?  Do you shop online or in stores? 


Hope you have fun getting these freebies and discounts!  There is more to come from me on this topic from now until Christmas… ~ Rebekah




Just so you know, I am not compensated or urged in anyway to write reviews for this stuff.  I am just sharing tips people asked for and helping you all benefit like I do.  Why not share the love, right? 🙂 The only way I would potentially get compensated is that if enough people clicked through the link to get their free gift card, I may be able to get a free gift (you have to have like 20 people or more).  It’s a good note to anyone reading this who knows a lot of people and wants to give free gift cards to them.  You can get some pretty cool stuff if you know lots of people to share with.


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