How You Can Get Free Petit Fours & Chocolate Truffles (plus other discounts)

For those of you who are not done with your Christmas shopping and have gifts that need to be sent to someone who doesn’t live nearby, I have another deal to share this week.


My mom and I recently picked up some gifts from a catalog she got in the mail called The Swiss Colony.  They also have a website, so you can shop easily there too.  I am not doing a paid review or anything, just so you know.  I am only sharing things I stumble upon to give you gift ideas that may help you too.  Anyways, they have a special between now and December 31st, where you get 24 petit fours and 36 Chocolate truffles for free with your order.  If you shop online, the website will say that you have to spend $25 to get the 2 free gifts, but the catalog Mom got just says 2 free gifts with your first order and does NOT specify that there must be a minimum purchase.  I called the company to ask about it and the rep I spoke with said she could help me place my order via phone (free gifts included) if the total was less than $25, so they may be able to help you with that also.


When you get on the phone though, they offer you other really good discounts, (which we took advantage of) , so our order was for sure over $25.  For those we can’t be with this Christmas, we had the Swiss Colony ship the stuff we ordered directly to the recipient, but ship the 2 free gifts to us.  What is cool about it is that both the petit fours AND the truffles could be split up and given as Christmas gifts to others on your list.  So that would be a good use of the freebies to help you with your budget ;).


One of the cool deals that the phone rep offered us was a special price for an additional 72 petit fours.  If you are wondering what petit fours are, they are little tiny tea cakes that are covered in a glaze.  Some of the flavors that are coming in the set of 72 are chocolate fudge, lemon, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, vanilla, and red velvet.  Another thing I thought was cool , is that they include a gingerbread house with candy on it for an ill child in a hospital.  The way I understood how it works, is that they will ship the child a gingerbread house and let your recipient know one has been donated in their honor, plus you get a thank you card from the hospital for your gift.  I am not sure if the thank you comes from the child or from the hospital itself.  I thought it was a nice idea though!


Petit Fours

This is what petit fours look like.



The item number for the gingerbread house with the 72 petit fours is AW025.  The price online is $34.95, but the special price they gave us with our order was $16 and change.  If you are already ordering something from the site, you may want to ask the rep if they still have the offer they gave me.  I warn you- they may also talk you in to getting a yummy cheesecake for about $10 off!


The Swiss Colony has mostly food items , such as meat logs, cheese spreads and cheese logs, assorted nuts,  candies, cheesecakes, petit fours, and chocolates.  They do have some non food items as well though.  If you want to check it out and take advantage of the 2 free gifts that you can either keep or give out, just click HERE to go to the site, and then you will need this coupon code : AG1347


I will say that the shipping is not cheap (unless you can find a code for free shipping, but I don’t think that could be combined with the 2 free gift code).  However, Mom said that one of the packages she went to send this year (which only contained popcorn and a few treats), was over $15 to ship!  So, it was actually cheaper for her to go this route and have a company directly ship items, than to wait until items were received and then turn around and pay shipping to send out.

I remember from years past, that Swiss Colony always has good deals and free gift type things each year at different holidays.  You may want to sign up for their email or catalog list if you want to get more freebie offers in the future.



So -what will the two of us do with almost 100 petit fours?  😀  Well, Freeze some and save them for our future themed tea parties!  If you live nearby, I would love to have you over for tea sometime 😉



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2 Responses to How You Can Get Free Petit Fours & Chocolate Truffles (plus other discounts)

  1. Lizzy says:

    That’s it – I’m packing a bag and finding a flight so I can be one of your nearby friends!! 😉

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Yippee! 😉 Too funny. I got a giggle out of this, but would seriously love it if you did live nearby 🙂 If you ever do come visit the states though, I would gladly have a tea just for you!