How You Can Get Free Petit Fours & Chocolate Truffles (plus other discounts)

For those of you who are not done with your Christmas shopping and have gifts that need to be sent to someone who doesn’t live nearby, I have another deal to share this week.   My mom and I recently picked up some gifts from a catalog she got in the mail called The Swiss Colony.  They also have a website, so you can shop easily there too.  I am not doing a paid review or anything, just so you know.  I am only sharing things I stumble upon to give you gift ideas that may help you too.  Anyways, they have a special between now and December 31st, where you get 24 petit fours and 36 Chocolate truffles for free with your order.  If you shop online, the website … Continue Reading

Save Money Shopping Online plus Free Pizza Delivery w/ Shoprunner !

  And so the series on savings continues!  I just signed up for a free trial of Shoprunner and thought I would pass along the link to a Free 6 month trial for you too!  For what my research has gathered, typically you only get a 30 day or maybe a 90 day trial at most, but I stumbled upon a Free 6 month one.  I have no clue how long this offer will last, so as always, better to not wait too long if interested, just in case.   What is Shoprunner? It’s basically an online membership you can get that will save you money on your online shopping and also on pizza delivery.  Shoprunner has a line up of many stores that you can get unlimited Free 2 … Continue Reading

Insanely Discounted Black Friday Deals on Leather Coats & Accessories!

I have an awesome Black Friday Deal to share with you today!  For those of you who don’t know what black Friday is, Black Friday is a HUGE shopping day here in the USA on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.  This year, many stores online are doing their black Friday Deals early.  I happened to “accidentally” stumble upon one before bed, and I want to share it with you. **Please Note that this Deal just started today and is only good for this week.  I would act quickly though, because I imagine things will start selling out.   The super awesome deal I stumbled upon was for Wilson’s Leather.  I was trying to figure out what to get Matt for the remainder of his Christmas shopping, and hadn’t really decided … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week- My Money Saving Online Shopping “Secrets”

  Since I am in the midst of a little money saving series for holiday shopping {on how I get things free or really discounted}, I thought I would share some general money saving tips today.  I have been talking about specific places I use, but I thought now would be a good time to break from that and tell you some tips that will apply to most every place you shop. These things don’t take much time, and are very worth it.  This post may be a little bit long as a result, but I want all of these tips to be in one place to make it easy for you.  Save this post for a reference! It takes awhile to get in to the habit of remembering to … Continue Reading

How to Shop Free or Discounted & A Free $10 Gift Card for You!

  Who is ready to do their Christmas shopping? I am starting to get a little bit done!  I have had many questions or requests in the past from various people for me to share some of the ways in which I make my budget stretch and find the deals that I find (people who know me know I am a good shopper).  I have already shared one article on this topic of how I get things free or really discounted and am back to share more today.  I promised I would be sharing as much as possible between now and Christmas- as I know so many people are on tighter budgets these days.  If you missed the first post that talks about the free ring I got from Stauer … Continue Reading

How to Make Money When You Shop!

We all shop, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes just because – (especially us women 🙂 ).  Do you want to know how to get PAID to shop?  – How to make extra money doing something you are already doing and not spend more than a few extra seconds doing it?  I will show you what I do.  I actually get checks in the mail when I shop.  Extra money back in to my wallet.  I wanted to share this with you now, because Christmas is right around the corner (can you believe it ?) and you may as well make money when you are spending money, right?  This is another tip for you on how I make my budget stretch and how you can too!     The key … Continue Reading

Inspired by savings- How I get stuff free (or really discounted)!

  With being a brand new blogger, I am slowly but surely getting all of the categories and tabs on my blog filled out!  It’s time to start sharing in another area of my blog for those of you who are on budgets and would like to know how to make the most of your money.  All of the links and tips for getting things free or heavily discounted will be filed under the tab “Let’s save money!”  at  Feel free to come back and refer to them often and even try some of the stuff for yourself 🙂   For quite some time now I have had people ask me how I online shop and how I get the deals I do.  I will start out by saying … Continue Reading

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