The Praise Project (Spreading a Lil’ Sunshine)-My Results

A graphic that Tonya (at Nearly Missed It) made for our project this week.

Could you go an entire week without uttering one negative word to another?  Not one criticism, sarcastic comment, or complaint?  How would it affect yourself and those around you if you used your words to only speak praises to people?  Life giving words.  Edifying words.  Sincere Compliments.  Sincere words of appreciation and gratitude.  Letting people know how you feel about them while you can, instead of keeping it to yourself and regretting not telling them later. This was the concept behind “The Praise Project” that Tonya and I did this week.  What is this “Praise Project” you ask?  Click HERE to catch up if you missed Monday’s article on that, and click HERE to read how my friend Tonya did during her one week challenge if you missed Tuesday’s article.  … Continue Reading

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