Guest Post “On Being a Writer…” Plus Giveaway Winner Announcement!

My lovely friend Tonya, who writes a blog called “Nearly Missed It” has been doing a 31 day word prompt writing challenge.  She has asked me to write along with her today and to do a guest post at HER website on the topic of “writing” .  I had different plans for this topic on writing, and started out writing more about myself, but was inspired by the story of Moses instead.  It’s funny how when you get to writing, something else can take hold of you and steer your words in a completely different direction!


So anyways, if you would like to check out the story of what Moses has to do with being a writer, and also learn the 4 things that have helped shape my writing, please read over at Tonya’s blog today by clicking HERE.  There is also a little bio and a picture of me at the end of the article on her site.  While you are visiting over there today, why not linger awhile and see what Tonya writes about too ?  🙂


Last but not least, in case you didn’t see my facebook post, the lovely Lizzy Grae is the winner of the Inspirational Cat themed prizes I had for National Feral Cat Day.  Congrats to Lizzy!!!!

Here’s to Living Inspired! ~ Rebekah




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3 Responses to Guest Post “On Being a Writer…” Plus Giveaway Winner Announcement!

  1. Tonya says:

    Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog! I really enjoyed what you had to say and will be commenting on the post here shortly 🙂

  2. Tonya says:

    Rebekah –

    This post turned out even more awesome than I ever imagined! Don’t you just love how you think you have one writing plan in place, then the words come out completely different than that plan…but even better? That’s one thing that I have definitely experienced several times this month when writing each day for the journaling prompts. When I made the list at the end of September, I had a tiny plan of what I would write that day but those plans changed several times before the day came. There were even some days where I looked at the next day’s prompt and was clueless as to what I wanted to say, but as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard the words were freely flowing.

    I am SO guilty of having a Moses complex, as you know. I often lack confidence in what I do and fear that I’m not good enough and no one would want to pay attention to my reading or speaking. What a great reminder you have shown me that in those times (and well, in everything I do), I just need to hand it over to God to handle.

    The steps that you listed to shape someone as a writer are fabulous and describe me exactly. I read every day, whether it be the book I read at night before going to bed or the blogs I read during the day.

    I struggle with comparing myself to others, especially when it comes to writing styles. I look at some of the other bloggers and wonder if their voice is better than mine, and that’s why they’re more popular in the blogosphere. In this month, I have concentrated more on just being myself and let my style of writing be what makes me unique and not worry about how it compares to others.

    I have learned so much about myself through this post, and it gives me the strength that I need to keep going. You’re pretty awesome for writing this! I felt like you wrote it just for me, but I know that so many others are going to benefit from it, as well.

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thank you Tonya. I am glad you thought my post turned out well :). I wanted to write something extra good since it was my first guest post. I do love it when the writing comes out different than planned and sometimes I feel it’s a God thing, because it can feel like something else takes over. It almost makes me feel like I shouldn’t take much credit for it. On the Moses complex- I had a slight Moses complex in writing this post haha. It was when I got to the part about sharing the writing tips on what helped shape my voice as a writer. I SO didn’t plan on giving any tips, and it all just came blurting out. After I read what I wrote, for a minute there I thought, “Who am I to give writing tips.” I actually wasn’t sure if you or your readers would like that part of it. However, I felt these words must have been inspired for a reason so I left it as it was.

      I relate to a lot of what you say here, and while I wrote it in hopes to speak to you and your readers, it was a lesson for me as well. Really I don’t even know what to say to all of your nice thoughts on the guest post except that I am so very glad that you got something out of it because that is what writing is all about for me. Thank you for the wonderful words you shared here. It is much appreciated, and actually this whole project gave my spirit a lift during a sad week for me.

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