Learn More About Me Over at “From a Daughter” Blog Today

Today’s post is short, because instead of writing here today I did a short interview over at the From a Daughter blog by Leslie!  Leslie is so kind as to have a space on her site where other bloggers can tell a little bit about themselves and she gets the word out there about you at no cost.  If you want to learn a few little fun tidbits about me along with my photo and more, please head on over to Leslie’s place by clicking HERE.  After learning more about myself and “We Live Inspired!”, won’t you check out what Leslie has to offer too?  And for all of you bloggers out there, she does blog design too.  If you would like to have an interview with Leslie so that she can help you promote your blog, there is a link for you above my photo over on her page today.


Wishing you a magical week,



P.S.  Check back for tomorrow’s post on how I got a Free Kindle Fire.  I will be bringing you a money saving tip on that and more 🙂 

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2 Responses to Learn More About Me Over at “From a Daughter” Blog Today

  1. Esther says:

    Ohh! 🙂
    A Ukelele! My brother bought one too but doesn’t play it as much, and I haven’t found time too but woah from that you learned how to play the acoustic guitar?
    My left fingers can’t reach all (well it can but it’ll hurt~) haha.
    But such cute instruments ~ one day~ haha 🙂

    I enjoyed your post at Leslie’s blog 🙂
    What a great idea 😉
    I’ve been unable to blog for the past few days,
    brain dead + gotta study~ haha.

    Catch you soon! 🙂 Definitely every Friday 🙂

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      I used to play the Uke a lot! Haven’t done it as much as I used to, but need to get back to it. Busy with lots of hobbies and work I guess 😉 It’s a fun instrument. Yes, it made learning guitar easy for me. I never thought I would be able to play guitar because it seemed hard. I just translated what I knew from the Uke over to guitar one day and the first day I picked up a guitar I could play a song on it. However, the chords are just different. It was easier learning on a little instrument with soft strings first to get some fingering practice. I have long fingers but small hands and sometimes a guitar seems a bit big or awkward for me, so I know what you are saying ;). Leslie had posted about the interviews she does awhile back. You could fill out an interview form too if you are interested in doing it :). Catch you soon then! Study is important so I totally understand.

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