It’s My Birthday + The Biggest Sale of the Year!

Hello Inspired Friends.  Today is my 36th birthday. Phew. I don’t know what it is about 36, but I was slightly disgruntled with it at first. I think because now I am over the middle hump inching closer to age 40, and moving farther away from my 20’s. We had our young 20 something year old neighbors over on Friday though and they asked our ages. When I told them I was turning 36 they were shocked. They were told by another neighbor that I was 27 haha and they thought I looked about their age.  Suddenly 36 isn’t looking so bad (and I guess they couldn’t see those 2 white eyebrow hairs I have now , ugh).

To celebrate my birthday I am doing something crazy. I am having a crazy sale at my kinda sorta newly launched Etsy store, Ivy Rose Cottage Chic! (click HERE or on any of the photos below to be take there) Every single item is 36% off when you enter the coupon code 36BIRTHDAY at checkout!!  Hand knit items start at $10 (after discount is applied) and the wreaths start at $25. I wanted to do something big for my subscribers and friends. The sale ends March 1st, and most items in the store are only sold in quantities of one. Meaning I only have one of each design at present.  I will not be offering this high of a percentage off every single item in the store again this year.  Here are some of the new things we have:

The Bohemian Goddess Advert

I am so excited about this new scarf pattern I made up. It is so cool and over 8 feet long! I’m going to make a shorter version too , and have it in other colors eventually.

oval Christmas wreath

One of my favorites of the Dried herb and flower wreaths I’ve made. With a pinecone and a sprig of boxwood from my garden in there. 🙂

elegant white and champagne wreath 2

A new type of artificial wreath I just started creating. Ivory ruffles and a beautiful lace bird perched in it .

Enchanted Forest Wreath

I love decorating with moss. This wreath is special because it has moss leftover from the tables at my wedding reception and the glittering tulle that was on the backs of the chairs at my head table.

ivy rose cottage chic elegant white rose and rhinestone bridal hanger

Elegant garment hangers designed by my Mom for the store. Great for special occasions (think bridal dresses) , but also for everyday.

15326348_10154255387938111_2175819579218620097_n ivy rose cottage boho knit hanger




























































































I have some birthday inspiration to share with you at a later date too. Birthday’s are really important to me and I believe in celebrating our lives! I know some people (when they become adults), think of it as just another day. It truly is a special day though. Because there is only ONE you in the world! So more on that later….

I’m off to gobble up some cake and see where the day takes me 😀
Until next time,


























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6 Responses to It’s My Birthday + The Biggest Sale of the Year!

  1. Evelyn says:

    Wow. They looks so beautiful. I want to have just one of them. Can I have any discount today?

  2. Thomas says:

    I would like to buy them for my girlfriend. How can I order them?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Happy belated birthday! How many presents did you receive from your friends and family? I like your post very much !. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for always sharing your thoughts with us. Happy weekend!

  5. Eva Swain says:

    It’s over a month from your birthday but I still wanna say happy birthday to you. Thank your for all of the wonderful articles in your blog.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ivy rose cottage is the most profess sites I have seen. Outstanding gifts, special website. Gifted in oh so many ways. I love everything about it and if I had the room I would but one of everything. Thank you for sharingwith me..