What Makes You Smile?

While I don't have any pictures of our first date, this is an earlier photo that shows Matt with the car he picked me up on on our first date.  Fond memories!  I loved that car and thought it was one of the coolest cars in town :)

Today (August 26) is my fiance’s birthday, so in honor of that I am writing a special post that is about the topic of things that make us smile, but also about my first date with Matt (the 2 are tied together).   Matt and I met at a party at a mutual acquaintance’s house.  It’s kind of funny because it wasn’t a place either one of us usually went to (in fact I think it was the first time either of us had gone), but we happened to both show up on the same night.  I won’t go in to the whole story in the post (too long) , but will just say that it was the typical guy sees girl across a semi crowded room and asks about … Continue Reading

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