Taking Time to Rest-My Simple 4 Step Relaxation Method

Maya Angelou Quote on Rest

It’s time for another tip of the week (if you’d like to read more of my helpful tips, click HERE for those archives)! Today’s Topic of Inspiration is Rest.  REST. Ahhhhhhhhh.  Do any of you need a little of that today?  We live in a world that is so hurried.  There is so much information out there.  So much social media.  So much to keep up with.  We all need a day of rest.  We all wear so many hats : Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Teacher, Caretaker, Employee, Friend, etc.  Even God took a day of rest.   Something that we often forget in this fast paced modern world, is that we were created to rest. Here are some of the ways the dictionary defines Rest: To cease work or movement … Continue Reading

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