Change- Embrace, Resist or Avoid? (Series on Change Pt. 1

Inspirational Door Photo&Quote

  Change- Have you ever heard the saying, “the only thing that never changes is that things always change”?  Very true indeed.  There seem to be only 2 constants in life- God and change.  I must confess I am not very unlike my little furry friends, in that while I am a free spirited type of person, I am also a creature of habit.  Sort of a contradictory combo I guess.  With Summer turning to Autumn, and so many changes in my life the past year (some good,some highly difficult)-not to mention feeling on the verge of even more big life changes,  I am caught between 2 places- excitement and upset apple-cart-ness.     There are some changes I just love and embrace.  For instance- I love trying new foods, … Continue Reading

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