Introducing Warm Words of Wisdom (from my heart to yours)

Quotes by We Live Inspired

Today I am bringing you something new!  If you aren’t yet part of the We Live Inspired Facebook community, you haven’t seen a new feature I started recently called “Warm Words of Wisdom (from my ♥ to yours)” ©.  It’s where I share wisdom that I have either learned from my own experiences or that is inspired at that moment by the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart.  Ironically, an author I really enjoy (Holley Gerth) has started something called “Coffee for your Heart Wednesday” in which we bloggers are to write an encouraging post for our readers.  Since encouragement is what I do here anyway, and I just happened to start that new feature on Facebook-I thought this was perfect!  I hope you will enjoy this new feature :D. The words … Continue Reading

The Weekend We Got Snowed In- A Cozy Little Glimpse of My Town and Life

Cozy Snowy Village

I can scarcely believe the new year is here!  Today I am inspired by cozy little Winter scenes and freshly fallen snow.  Do you love it too?  As I sit here writing, a cold wind is howling outside my bedroom window.  The snow is getting deeper and it seems as though a blizzard is upon us.  Living in Michigan I am no stranger to snow, but this year is different. The high temps for the day are going to be in the negatives (around a -2 degrees F) with lows of -15!  If the snow keeps piling up, I would not be surprised if we got over a foot of it! I am not complaining one bit.  I actually sort of like being cozied up inside with a blizzard a … Continue Reading

Angels Among Us-On Being an Angel to Your Fellow Man

With the holiday Season upon us, our hearts are often filled with love and goodwill towards our fellow man.  To me, Living Inspired means Living this way year round.  Even in my own toughest times in life, reaching out to help others made a profound impact (lifting my own spirits as well).  When we are putting an energy of love out there, we are in turn going to attract love and kindness unto ourselves. This is where true miracles happen!  Today’s inspiration is a true story that happened to me (and my family) a month ago.  It is a story of goodwill, kindness, love, and strangers. **Make sure to watch the YouTube video at the end of this, as it goes with my story and I think it will touch … Continue Reading

The Pearable-or What a Bucket of Fruit Taught Me About Life

bucket of pears

Who knew that my latest inspiration would come from a bucket of fruit?  (This is what I am talking about when I say “living inspired” guys..there is SO much inspiration around us.)  Seemingly mundane, everyday life can provide Life Lessons. Wisdom. Truth.  AND a sense of Fun.  We just have to Open our eyes, our hearts, and Awaken our senses.  There is a story to tell in every day life.  YOU have a story.  I have a story.  And-today a piece of fruit has a story.   I call this story “The Pearable.”  (a special thanks to a woman in my writing class named Violet Harlow for thinking of this brilliant pun when I was recalling this story to her as a regular parable).       If you read my last post … Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday- The Truth About Me

It’s Five Minute Friday, in which I typically bring you inspiring poetry (mostly) written in 5 minutes.  Today is different though.  This is what Lisa Jo wanted us to write about today: “So our word for Five Minute Friday this week? Let’s make it: TRUE. Because I need your true stories. Just like I hope you need mine. ”  Click the word true to read other people’s “truths” today!   Everything I write here at We Live Inspired is true, but I try to bring you the positive sides of life and how I create a Joy-FULL, happy existence, so that you too can live joy filled..right where you are at in life.   With that being said, I don’t “complain” much about what life can really be like for … Continue Reading

My 1 Year Blogiversary- How We Live Inspired Came to Be!

Just a funny picture I took to make you smile.  :)

Today is my 1 year Blogiversary and for the rest of July I have some fun things to share with you to celebrate!  1 year ago today (July 23, 2012), I wrote my first 2 part blog post called To Everything There is a Season.  It was a story in loss and in miracles.  A story that inspired me to finally buckle down and create my own website; something I had been dreaming of doing for years in hopes of also inspiring others in some way.  I thought for my anniversary today I would take you back in time and talk about what was going on around the time I started my blog, and some reasons why I created We Live Inspired!  I will also be doing 2 giveaways to celebrate … Continue Reading

In Between Miracles-Poetry in Five

Inspiring Rainbows

Sorry I missed last week’s Five Minute Friday, but I am back today to see what inspiration I can bring you in just five minutes with the word prompt this week of IN BETWEEN.  When I heard the word(s) today I immediately started singing a fav. Dave Matthews Band song called The Space Between.  I have no idea how listening to that song inspired me to think of the phrase “In Between Miracles” but that is where I am going writing wise today and I don’t know if it will rhyme or not.  We shall see!  I am going to offer you a fresh perspective that is popping in my head though.  A different way of viewing life.   Go   In Between Miracles:   What if we lived as … Continue Reading

You’ll Never Walk Alone-An Inspiring Story of God’s Grace

Here he is napping with his female friend (she is fixed).

Have you ever felt alone?  Loneliness is something we all experience from time to time during our life’s journey.  Where it stems from can vary- maybe you are becoming an empty nester for the first time, or moving away (new kid on the block syndrome) or have suffered the loss of a companion.  Maybe you have even been hurt or abandoned.  Maybe you long for good friends to share life with.  Whatever the circumstance, feeling lonely is a pretty common thing (I guess you could say we are not really alone, as others experience it too ;)).       I have experienced that lonely feeling several times in the past year.  One such time that comes to mind is after my dog died in late July of 2012.  Actually … Continue Reading

Don’t Do It Half Way, Jump ALL in!

Today’s word prompt for 5 min. Fri. is JUMP.  I wasn’t able to do a poem today, because this is what automatically came out instead. That is the mystery of writing on a random word without thinking too much.  Hopefully it will inspire you in some way :).  Poetry and strict timing will be back next week (this was more like a 15 min. Friday).  This is why I stick to poetry for FMF lol.  I write too much if I just let words spill out. Go   To get the best results with most anything we pursue in life, one can’t do things part way or even half way.  We must make a decision, and with that decision, a commitment needs to follow.  A commitment to not just dip … Continue Reading

Broken Vessels- A Story of Brokenness & Provision


Five Minute Friday again where I typically bring you poetry in five.  Today’s word is BROKEN and I actually have a story instead of a poem this week.  I apologize for not timing today’s post as usual (got carried away with my story and forgot), but I hope you will think what I wrote instead was worth it and will be touched.  This story is about broken vessels , and not the blood vessel kind   After my uncle died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago Mom and I started making prayer shawls for people with illnesses, hurts, and losses.  It all started because her brother received a prayer shawl sometime after his diagnosis.  I have knit many prayer shawls for people in need, but there is one shawl story … Continue Reading

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