Just As I Am- An Inspirational Devotional

There is a friend I find so faithful One who never leaves my side, One who knows of all my secrets- One from whom I cannot hide. One who doesn’t need perfection One who takes me as I am, Rejoicing over me with singing- He who is my biggest fan!   He who transforms tears and heartache Using them for greater good, He who is my Source of comfort- Calming me where none else could.   There is a friend I find so faithful One who never leaves my side- One who loves me like no other He is my compass and my guide. One who doesn’t need perfection One who takes my messes too, And welcomes me with arms wide open, Transforming old to make me New.   © … Continue Reading

Life is a Miracle-How Can We Not Be Grateful?

Up Close Picture of a Violet or Viola

    It’s Friday and you know what that means!  Poetry in Five!  Today’s word is GRATEFUL. This one flowed out so easily for me, but I wrote a free verse poem this week.  Gratitude is one of my life’s practices and one of my favorite subjects :).  I found it ironic that today’s word was Grateful, because just 2 days ago in an online workshop I am teaching, one of the ice-breaking games we did was going around in a circle and sharing what we were grateful for.  It was such a fun and beautiful experience.  There is something about not only stating your own gratitude, but hearing others state theirs as well, that I find powerful.  It is so good for the soul.  So without further ado, here … Continue Reading

The Mess-A Funny Poem About Conquering Clutter

Mt. Messmore

In case you were wondering what happened to last week’s Friday poem, I got extremely busy and so this is coming to you a bit late (sorry about that!).  The word of the week was MESS.  This is another one that may just go in the children’s poetry book I am writing, but it’s meant for adults too ;).  If you have ever seemed to lack time or energy to clean and have found yourself overwhelmed by the mess that ensued as a result, you may get a kick out of this one! GO   The Mess:   It started with a single sock Flung on the floor without a care, A towel here, a towel there- and THEN a pair of underwear!   “The room looks fairly clean, I’d … Continue Reading

The Tale of Sir Edward Daffodil-or Why Friendship is Important

Sir Edward Daffodil 2

    It’s Friday and you know what that means..poetry in Five!  Today’s word was FRIEND.  I am delighted so much with what I have to share today…such fun!  It reminds me a little bit of Beatrix Potter and Lewis Caroll-each of whom were poetic influences in my childhood and early adult life.  I hope you enjoy today’s piece!   Go   The Tale of Sir Edward Daffodil-or Why Friendship is Important   Said the Snowdrop to her dearest friend- “I am so glad you’re here! To be alone in this frigid cold, Would surely be horrid my dear! The Winter wind whipped as it turned to Spring And we were but covered in snow, But at least we didn’t go it alone- It helps to have friends, you know!” … Continue Reading

Friday Poem-When Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!

Elmer's Paste

      Ode to the Days Where Being Sticky Was Fun and We Didn’t Worry About Messes!   Do these Pictures bring back fun childhood memories for you?  They sure do for me!  That container of Elmer’s Paste takes me right back to Elementary school craft projects in the classroom.  The glue sticks remind of back to school shopping with Mom, as it was typical for her to by us each one.  Who remembers Mucilage?  What the heck kind of name is that for a glue anyway ? :).  I used to think mucilage must have something to do with mucus when I was a child (ew), but I enjoyed applying it to things with that rubber tip it comes with.   Why on earth is she talking about … Continue Reading

Are You Willing to Let Your Light Shine?


It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Today’s essay idea was inspired by a dear friend in my SARK writing class via a quote she texted me (which I made in to the word image below).  I’m bringing you a collaboration for the first time, where we each wrote for 5 minutes to bring you this inspired post!  In our writing class we are called “Merry Life Bringer” (that’s me) and “Ray of Joy” (today’s other contributor Janice Sweetwater)  Sometime I will do a post explaining these unique writing names we have!  Ray of Joy’s 5 minute contribution will be in Purple and mine will be all other non purple words :).  Pssst-Be on the lookout for a special audio poetry reading from her below!    “Are you willing to be … Continue Reading

Poetry in Five-On Seemingly Dormant Periods of Life and Emerging!

Power of Transformation Quote By We Live Inspired

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~Anais Nin     It’s time for some poetry in Five!  I am posting this a little late because I was celebrating my birthday this weekend :D.  This weeks word was CHOOSE.   Today’s Inspiration comes from periods of dormancy in one’s life…   Are you in a spot in your life today where you are feeling like you don’t know what your purpose in life is?  Have you ever felt lost, confused, hopeless, alone or just plain old stuck in mediocrity?  Maybe you are even in a mess that you can’t see your way out of at present.   If you can relate to this, I … Continue Reading

When You’re Feeling Unsure- Inspiration on Conquering the Unknown

Today’s topic of inspiration ended up being about the unknown, which you will find ironic when you start reading today’s post as I had NO CLUE what to even write about today. Today you will find out that the unknown can in fact be inspiring and awesome and that it’s ok if you are feeling unsure of yourself.  So on to today’s post then..you know you wanna read more!  ;)     It’s been awhile since I have written here, which is ironic since today’s Five Minute Friday word is WRITE.  Linking up at Lisa Jo Baker’s website as usual for the 5 minute exercise that frees us to not over think things, but to just get the words out on paper for 5 minutes.  I have no clue what … Continue Reading

The Wings of Belief-A Whimsical Poem & a Childhood Story

Shoot For the Moon weliveinspired.com

It’s time for my poetry in five with the Five Minute Friday community!  I am a day behind, as I have company here at the cottage and am super busy.  This week’s magic word is “FLY”.  I have a little childhood story on “flying” to share with you, followed by the whimsical poem I wrote!  Won’t you lighten your spirit and indulge in a little childlike glee with me today?  (there is a message in this poem for our adult selves too )         When I was a child I used to almost believe I could fly.  Did you ever feel that way when you were small?  Children are so amazing in their ability to BELIEVE in possibility.  That is what made childhood so fun!  It was like living … Continue Reading

The Halloween Fairy Poem

Trick or Treat Silly Cat Graphic

I’ve written a fun little Halloween inspired piece for you today!  This is another addition to the children’s fairy poetry book I have decided to create.  If you ever have random weird stuff happen to you, or you feel like you must be on the show “Candid Camera” or something, it may just be that the Halloween Fairy is pranking you!  She mostly likes to prank around Halloween time, but she has been known to create mischief for people on other days as well (especially if she has had too much sugar :D)!   You may even relate to the little Halloween fairy a bit.  ;).  Believe it or not I do! I am really good most of the time, but I have been known to have a little glint … Continue Reading

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